Local information

Mill Road Doctor’s Surgery
47 Mill Road
Colchester CO4 5LE
Tel: 01206 845900

Highwoods Doctor’s Surgery
Highwoods Square
Colchester CO4 9SR
Tel: 01206 752010

Bluebell Doctor’s Surgery
Jack Andrews Drive
Colchester CO4 9YN
Tel: 01206 855222

Colchester General Hospital
Turner Road
Colchester CO4 5JL
Tel: 01206 747474

Smile Dental Clinic
61 Mill Road
Colchester CO4 5LE
Tel: 01206 851448

Dental Studio
236 Bergholt Road
Colchester CO4 5AS
Tel: 01206 845891

Mile End Dental Clinic
13A Nayland Road
Colchester CO4 5EG
Tel: 01206 752500

Penrose Veterinary Group
70 Brinkley Lane
Tel: 01206 842608

Mayne Veterinary Clinic
81 Bergholt Road
Colchester CO4 5AF
Tel: 01206 851338

Myland Parish Church (St Michael’s)
Mile End Road
Colchester CO4 5DY
Tel: 01206 855040

Catholic Church St Joseph
19 Mill Road
Colchester CO4 5LD

Tel: 01206 866317

The Well Methodist Church
Nayland Road
Colchester CO4 5ET
Tel: 01206 573061

Camulos Academy
Whitmore Drive
Colchester CO4 6AL
Tel: 01206 588588

Myland Primary School
Mile End Road
Colchester CO4 5LD
Tel: 01206 852109

Queen Boudica Primary School
Cowper Crescent
Colchester CO4 5XT
Tel: 01206 844654

Brinkley Grove Primary School
9 Rawlings Crescent
Colchester CO4 9FB
Tel: 01206 852266

The Gilberd School
Brinkley Lane
Colchester CO4 9PU
Tel: 01206 842211

Colchester Borough Council
Tel: 01206 282222

Creffield Medical Centre Turner Road Colchester CO4 5JL. 01206 747474

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