Annual Community Meeting – 29 May 2019

Myland Community held their annual meeting of the Parish last night. The meeting was well attended and Vice Chair Cllr Pete Hewitt presided. He delivered excerpts from our Annual Report which highlighted the work of your Council. There was a very well received talk by Chris Howlett and Jane Mower from the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. They highlighted the direction the health service is taking which will be more community based and multi partnered. They also highlighted their growing involvement in planning applications to ensure that such applications considered the infrastructure needs of the community. The speakers ended their illustrated talk by fielding many questions from the audience. The conclusion of the meeting was the presentation by Sir Bob Russell, Colchester High Steward, of the Freedom of Myland to local resident Patrick Mills. Patrick was instrumental in setting up our Parish Council some 20 years ago.

L to R Jane Mower and Chris Howlett CCG and Patrick Mills and Sir Bob Russell