DPD Minutes 10th December 2014

Planning & Development Policy Committee

Minutes of the Myland Community Council Planning & Development Policy Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 10th December 2014, 7.15 pm @ Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester, CO4 5EN

Present:        Cllr John Sutcliffe (Chair)

Cllr Jean Dickinson

Cllr Pete Hewitt

There was one member of the public present.

110-14/15     Apologies

Cllr John Dickson, Cllr Liz Gray and Cllr John Stewart.

111-14/15     Declarations of Interest

There were none.

112-14/15     Have Your Say

Mrs White said Severalls application (146284) and it referred to Phase 1 only and the increase from 75 to 125 of the number of dwellings that could be occupied.  She said application 131221 referred to Phase 1 only and therefore they should be submitting two applications one for Phase 1 and one for Phase 2.  She added that the minute the NAR3 was opened she would be insisting that the entrance from the roundabout is closed.

Mrs White referred to Severalls Phase 2 and said the situation regarding asbestos needed serious consideration, when it was removed it should go straight to the A12 not through any part of Mile End.

The Chairman said he had looked at the Severalls application and it appeared that the decisions had been confused.

113-14/15     Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received:

Appeal submitted re 33 Nayland Road

Public Notice: Temporary no waiting/loading – Apprentice Drive and Fernlea

Public Notice: Temporary suspension of Northbound cycle lane – Station Way

114-14/15     Minutes of the meeting held on 19th November 2014 to be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman           

The minutes of the meeting held on 19th November 2014 were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                  Seconded: Cllr Dickinson                    (Unanimous)

115-14/15     Matters arising from the Minutes

There were none.

116-14/15     Monitoring

The Chairman said he had driven round Severalls Phase 1 which was still far from complete.  He said he was disappointed with the architecture which he felt was boxy and cheap looking.  Cllr Hewitt said he had also looked at the site and agreed with the Chairman’s comments.

Mrs White said there should be a play area near Tower Lane which has not yet been provided.  She said in 2003 the plans showed three ponds, that went down to two and now there was only one.  She said these modifications should have been subject to planning applications.  She said the children had been playing in the soak-away but that was now full of water.  Cllr Hewitt said he would look at the plans with regard to play areas and ponds.

117-14/15     Planning & Licensing Applications – To make recommendations, including requests for Section 106 money where applicable, on applications received

146284 – Severalls Hospital, Boxted Road, Colchester CO4 5HG – Variation of conditions 8 and 9 of planning application 131221 to accord with legal agreement to allow no more than 1000 dwellings in total on Phase 1 & 2 (condition 8) and no more than 250 dwelling in Phase 2 (condition 9) – Cannot respond

There is considerable confusion regarding which application and the number of the conditions referred to.  Application 131221 refers to Phase 1 only and it is Condition 7 of that Decision Notice that refers to the number of dwellings to be occupied.  This application should be withdrawn and two new applications submitted – one for Phase 1 (131221) and one for Phase 2 (100035). 

Proposed: Cllr Sutcliffe                Seconded: Cllr Dickinson                     (Unanimous)

146318 – 364 Mill Road, Colchester CO4 5JF – Proposed 2 storey infill extension with part single storey rear extension. Construction of new outbuilding located in rear garden along rear boundary – Support

Proposed: Cllr Dickinson              Seconded: Cllr Hewitt                         (Unanimous)

146382 – 23 Beaumont Close, Colchester, CO4 5XE – Proposed single storey front and side extension – Resubmission of 145737 – Object – The proposed front extension is out of character and would have an adverse impact on the street scene.

Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                  Seconded: Cllr Dickinson                    (Unanimous)

146429 – 6 Kirk Way, Colchester CO4 5ZN – Erection of single storey rear conservatory extension –  Support

Proposed: Cllr Sutcliffe                Seconded: Cllr Dickinson                    (Unanimous)

146444 – 34 Septimus Drive, Colchester CO4 9ET – Single storey rear extension to enlarge kitchen – Support

Proposed: Cllr Sutcliffe                Seconded: Cllr Dickinson                    (Unanimous)

146243 – Tufnell Way, Colchester – Creation of 6 no. two bedroom apartments in a 2 1/2 storey building, plus associated car parking and amenity space – Object

  1. Design, appearance and layout: The plans submitted are severe over development for this small building plot and is inappropriate in-fill.  The proposed building is over-bearing, too high and out of keeping with the existing properties in Bergholt Road.
  1. Impact on visual or residential amenity: The building will overlook the garden of 186 Bergholt Road and will cause loss of daylight/sunlight, overshadowing and loss of privacy.
  1. Impact on trees: Despite the tree survey describing them as low quality and therefore they need to be removed. This is simply to allow the development to proceed.  The community has enjoyed these mature trees for many years and none of them are a danger to the public.
  1. Highway safety and traffic: The junction design for access and exit from the proposed flats is unacceptable and has safety issues for the area. At peak times there is usually traffic queuing all the way down Tufnell Way trying to access Bergholt Road and to add yet another entry and exit point for more cars onto/from Tufnell Way will further add to safety and congestion concerns to the area. In September 2015 a new school will be opening on NBP which will also result in a major increase in traffic to and from the area.
  1. Parking: the level of parking offered is inadequate. One space per two bedroom dwelling is below the current recommendations and there is no allocation at all for visitors.  This lack of parking will further exacerbate the parking problem in an area where there is no spare parking capacity.  The car park also does not comply with the design brief for the whole development which required car parking to be hidden in order to preserve the street scene.
  1. Lack of open space: The communal green space is inadequate and does not conform to minimum garden spaces expected of this size of development.

Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                  Seconded: Cllr Dickinson                    (Unanimous)

146401 – Asda Stores Ltd, Petrolea Close, Colchester CO4 5TU – Retrospective application for use of a portacabin style building within the grounds of the ASDA car park as a male barber shop – Object.

This portacabin is very visible from the main access road on the roundabout.  It is not in keeping with the street scene and is alien to the public realm.  It is a temporary structure that attracts little if any foot traffic.  If the facility is retained it should be relocated inside the store or as a brick built extension to the main building (from WC’s or near the cash machine zone).

Proposed: Cllr Dickinson              Seconded: Cllr Hewitt                         (Unanimous)

118-14/15     To receive copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions

145785 – 4 Fieldview Close, Colchester CO4 5HD – Proposed extension to and conversion of existing garage to form an annex to the existing dwelling – Permission granted, four conditions, 21st November 2014

145608 – 28 Bedford Road, Colchester CO4 5LS – Proposed 2 storey part rear extension with single storey side extensions – Permission granted, three conditions, 25th November 2014

119-14/15     Date of next meeting – 7th January 2015, 7.15pm @ Myland Community Council Office, 101 Nayland Road, Colchester.

The meeting closed at 8:30pm