DPD Minutes 1st November 2017

Planning And Development Policy Committee

Minutes of the Myland Community Council Planning and Development Policy Committee held on Wednesday 1st November 2017 at 7.15pm at 101 Nayland Road Mile End Colchester CO4 5EN

Present:      Councillor Pete Hewitt

Councillor John Dickson

Councillor Alison Jay

Locum Clerk to the Council Denise Humphris

No members of the public

082-17        Apologies for absence

Resolved: to accept apologies from Councillors Stewart, Gray and


083-17        Chair for the Meeting

                     In the absence of the Chair of the Committee it was Resolved: that

Councillor Hewitt would chair the meeting.

084-17        Declarations of Interest

                     There were no Declarations of personal or prejudicial interests.

085-17        Have Your Say

                     No members of the public were present

086-17        Chairman’s Announcement and Correspondence

Nayland Road Bus GateThe Chairman reported that the bus gate at Nayland Road will be closed for two days to be enhanced as a bus control gate.

Colchester Borough Council Local Plan The Chairman reported

that the Local Plan was submitted for independent investigation on 9th October and will be followed by a Public Consultation.

087-17        Minutes of the committee meeting held on 4th October 2017

Resolved: to approve the minutes as a true record for signature by

the Chairman

088-17        Planning Licensing and Highways Applications Received

Members considered comments to applications received and Resolved to comment as follows:

172584 – Street Record Axial Way Colchester – Revision to 100 metre hoarding around the edge of the Axial Way development

Promoting Colchester Borough Council Northern Gateway

No Objections – but the presentation of the application could be clearer

172604 – 38 Septimus Drive Colchester – Replacement of conservatory with new single storey extension

No Objections  – but should follow the advice of the arboriculturalist

172690 – 6 Jovian Way Colchester – Erection of single storey rear

Conservatory extension

No Objections

172218 – 15 Romulus Close Colchester – Proposed single storey rear/side extension and loft conversion

No Objections

172592 – 87 Apprentice Drive Colchester – Proposed loft conversion to create new master bedroom with dressing room and ensuite (re-submission of application 162787)

OBJECT: on the basis of loss of privacy to neighbours

172338 – 31 Cansend Road Colchester – Single storey extension and detached garage

No objections

089-17        Planning Decisions Notices Received

171633 – Colchester General Hospital Turner Road Colchester –

erection of a single storey extension to create a new emergency

department pedestrian entrance, primary care streaming suite and a

minor injury suite together with removal of existing portacabin

facility. Permission Granted 3 conditions 27 October 2017

172158 – Bluebell Cottage Leechs Lane Colchester – Rear and

side extension including garage. Permission granted 3 conditions

18th October 2017.

172098 – Colchester District General Turner Road Colchester –  New de-contamination unit for the cleaning and sterilising of endoscopes. Permission granted 1 condition 18th October 2017

090-17        Date of Next Meeting

6th December 2017 at 7.15pm at 101 Nayland Road Colchester.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.50pm