DPD Minutes 20th April 2016

Planning & Development Policy Committee

Minutes of the Myland Community Council Planning & Development Policy Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 20th April 2016, 7.15 pm @ 101 Nayland Road, Mile End Road, Colchester, CO4 5EN

Present:        Cllr John Stewart (Chair)

Cllr Jean Dickinson

Cllr Liz Gray

Cllr Pete Hewitt

The Assistant Clerk

There was one member of the public present.

14-16/17       Apologies

Apologies were accepted from Cllr Dickson.

15-16/17       Declarations of Interest

There were none.

16-16/17       Have Your Say

There were no comments.

17-16/17       Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

The Chairman said he had received an email from Bradly Heffer at CBC, in response to queries the Chairman had raised with regard to application 160623.

The Chairman said he had received an email from Jane Seeley regarding application 160290 which had been discussed at the meeting held on 6th March 2016. He said she had supplied the wording of condition 19 which related to parking provision.

Copies of the above were circulated at the meeting.

18-16/17       Minutes of the meeting held on 6th April 2016 to be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman

The minutes of the meeting held on 6th April 2016 were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                  Seconded: Cllr Gray                            (Unanimous)

19-16/17       Update of progress of resolutions made at the last meeting

There were no updates.

20-16/17       Monitoring

There was no monitoring report.

21-16/17       Planning matters for review

Cllr Dickinson said she had completed the response to the Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Update consultation. She said the background document to the consultation had come to the conclusion that CIL should not be applied in urban areas as there was no room in developers’ costings for this provision. She said the report had looked at rural areas where over three years 114 dwellings had been built. She said these buildings had all made a profit. She said on the basis of this very small sample the report had recommended that CIL should be applied across the borough in rural areas.

She said she had responded to the effect that MCC rejected that suggestion. She said she had regretfully accepted the decision on urban areas. She said there was no mention of the concept of compensation to communities. She said MCC should keep a watching brief on the progress of CIL and be prepared to put forward these views at every opportunity.

Cllr Hewitt said MCC should keep an eye on the CBC’s Local Plan agenda as CIL was being dealt with through that committee.

Cllr Stewart said that all members of the P & DP Committee were extremely grateful to Cllr Dickinson for the amount of work she had put into the response to this consultation.

22-16/17       Planning, Licensing & Highways Applications/Appeals – To make recommendations, including requests for Section 106 money where applicable, on applications received (Appendix 1)

160822 – 2 Potters Mews, Colchester, CO4 5JG – Conservatory – Support

Proposed: Cllr Stewart                             Seconded: Cllr Gray                (Unanimous)

160287 – 81 Apprentice Drive, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5SE – Application for removal or variation of condition 19 of planning permission O/COL/03/1019 – Support with comment

Proposed: Cllr Dickinson                          Seconded: Cllr Hewitt             (Unanimous)

MCC is surprised that it was thought necessary to make this request the subject of a separate planning application following the submission of application 151943.

160825 – Colchester Northern Gateway Land at Cuckoo Farm West, off United Way and the Via Urbis Romanae, Colchester, Essex – Erection of Use Class A3/A5 restaurant/hot food takeaway units (in the alternative), erection of a Use Class C1 hotel, erection of a Use Class D2 Multiplex Cinema, erection of Use Class D2 leisure units, erection of Use Class A3/D2 restaurant/leisure uses (in the alternative), provision of a landscaped piazza that shall include external seating/dining areas for the A3/A5 and/or D2 units, associated landscaped areas, erection of an ancillary multi-storey car park, provision of separate drop-off/parking areas, the provision of cycle/pedestrian link to Tower Lane and associated works including the erection of substations and associated infrastructure apparatus – Comment

Proposed: Cllr Stewart                             Seconded: Cllr Hewitt             (Unanimous)

MCC is disappointed that our concerns with regard to the proposed car park access road have not been addressed. Our view remains that this is inadequate and will have the potential to create severe traffic problems. It is disappointing that in an otherwise pleasing design the car park access system has been so poorly thought out.  We also note that we have yet to have sight of the revised scoping report and are therefore unable to comment on this before the deadline. Whilst MCC has overall support for the project because of these concerns we must confine our response to ‘comment’ only.

22-16/17       To receive copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions

Copies of the following Planning Decisions were received:

160366 – 80 Mile End Road, Colchester CO4 5BY – Proposed demolition of lean to timber framed conservatory to rear & build ground floor extension as annexe for family member – Permission granted, 4 conditions, 18th April 2016  

13-16/17       Date of next meeting – 4th May 2016 at 7.15pm @ 101 Nayland Road

The meeting closed at 7.56pm.