DPD Minutes 6th May 2015

Planning & Development Policy Committee

Minutes of the Myland Community Council Planning & Development Policy Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 6th May 2015, 7.15 pm @ Mile End Methodist Church, Mile End Road, Colchester, CO4 5ET

Present:        Cllr John Sutcliffe (Chair)

Cllr Jean Dickinson

Cllr Liz Gray

Cllr Pete Hewitt

Cllr John Stewart

The Clerk

The Assistant Clerk

There was one member of the public present.

022-15/16     Apologies

Cllr Dickson.

023-15/16     Declarations of Interest

Cllrs Dickinson, Gray, Hewitt and Sutcliffe declared a pecuniary interest in application 150813 due to the Application site being close to their residences.  All Cllrs had requested dispensation, in writing to the Clerk, on the grounds that that so many members of the decision-making body (P&DP Committee) have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in the matter that it would “impede the transaction of the business”.

With regard to Application number 150813 – North Colchester Urban Extension, Mile End Road, Colchester, as per provisions in the Localism Act and having had regard to all relevant circumstances, the Clerk and Chairman consider that dispensation be granted to all Cllrs on the grounds that so many members of the Committee have Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in the matter that it would “impede the transaction of the business” not to do so.

024-15/16     Have Your Say

There were no comments.

025-15/16     Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

The Chair read an email received by the Clerk from Daniel Cameron at Colchester Borough Council which advised that Vincent Pearce was now dealing with Severalls Phase 1 as well as Phase 2. The email said that CBC was aware that access from Rosewood to Mill Road should be closed and that CBC were waiting for Crest Nicholson to supply a drawing indicating the closure for CBC to approve. The email said that once approved the works could commence but as yet there is no specific date set for this work.

026-15/16     Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd April 2015 to be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman    

The minutes of the meeting held on 22nd April 2015 were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed: Cllr Stewart                 Seconded: Cllr Hewitt             (Unanimous)

027-15/16     Matters arising from the Minutes

There were none.

028-15/16     Monitoring

The Chairman said he and Cllr Gray had visited Rosewood and Northfields and gave the following report:

Severalls Phase 1, now called “Rosewood”, has 107 completed units with 52 under construction and 43 yet to be built. The sales office mentioned 78 completed without Sanctuary Housing Association’s affordable units. This would mean 29 affordable units had been completed but we thought it was 32 with a further 5 under construction and 3 to be built.

The estate roads will be made up when the site has been completed. As many consist of bricked areas there may be problems ensuring their integrity with normal wear and tear.

There are few green areas. Two “play areas” are designated on the development plan and neither are in an ideal condition yet, with some rubble and a section of a wooden pole poking through the surface. These areas receive grass cutting but there are no facilities or equipment for children to use. It appears this has not yet been considered. This may be an opportunity for the use of S.106 money.

The dew pond off Olympic Boulevard is to remain. It has now been landscaped and fenced off but the fence is low enough for one to step over, the sides of the pond rather steep and the pond has been quite dry until recently. Tree saplings have been planted in many places and, with attention, should flourish in time.

A management company, Gordon & Co from London, have been appointed by the developers, Crest Nicholson, to keep the site clean and tidy. However, all householders must pay a quarterly management charge which is £36 according to one householder. Some residents do not consider that they are receiving all the services they should.

Access to the NAR3 or “Via Urbis Romanae” has recently been opened to traffic in general and completion of the estate is expected to take a year to 18 months.

Northfields”, as the former Turner Village Hospital site is known as, has 272 completed units, of which 74 are affordable / Intermediate rent units administered by Colne Housing, with the last 59 mainly flats in the SW corner under construction, of which 9 are affordable. The site should be completed by the end of this year.

The roads have yet to be made up for handover to ECC. In Potters Mews the two square manhole covers on the access road to the parking area on the left, which we reported previously had bent badly when they were made of metal, were replaced by stone composite slabs encased in metal which have now cracked badly through use. Also, the pavement in front of No 17 has developed a significant depression.

A one way system is in place round Cowper Crescent and down McCluskeys Street to facilitate vehicular movement to and from Queen Boudica Primary School on the north side of Cowper Crescent.  Road side parking spaces, as well as off-road parking, is provided throughout the development though all roads are not wide enough to manoeuvre in easily.

The SW parkland has been completed, stocked with saplings and shrubs and equipped with benches and some trellises to provide shelter/shade once plantings mature. There may be room for S.106 money to be spent here to enhance what the developer, Linden Homes, has to provide. There is another small recreation area in the NE corner to the west of Cowper Crescent. It does not appear to be in good condition and may not have received much maintenance, as evidenced by the brick cobbled pathway which is beginning to break up.

This development gave us the impression of being crowded and more cramped than “Rosewood”.

029-15/16     Planning, Licensing & Highways Applications/Appeals – To make recommendations, including requests for Section 106 money where applicable, on applications received

150471 – 2 Walnut Drive, Colchester, CO4 5ES – Proposed conversion of loft space to form 2 bedrooms and bathroom with installation of 6no. roof lights – Support

Proposed: Cllr Sutcliffe                Seconded: Cllr Stewart           (Unanimous)

150813 – North Colchester Urban Extension Mile End Road, Colchester – Signage for North Growth Area Extension – Support

Proposed: Cllr Sutcliffe                Seconded: Cllr Dickinson        (Unanimous)

150688 – 12 Oxley Parker Drive, Colchester, CO4 5XQ – New single storey external garden room to the rear of the existing dwelling. Alterations to garage and proposed solar panels – Object

There was no objection to the new garden room, alterations to the garage or the solar panels but it was felt that the proposed replacement of the gates at the front of the property with a roller shutter door would be detrimental to the existing street scene.

Proposed: Cllr Dickinson              Seconded: Cllr Hewitt             (Unanimous)

150825 – 10 Braithwaite Drive, Colchester, CO4 5XG – Second and third floor extension over existing single storey rear extension – Support

Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                  Seconded: Cllr Sutcliffe           (Unanimous)

030-15/16     To receive copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions

150364 – Pizza Hut, Petrolea Close, Colchester, CO4 5TU – Replacement signage scheme to include 2no. ‘pizza hut’ lettering fascia signs, 1no. ‘come on in’ sign, 1no. menu box unit, 1no. hanging ‘takeaway’ sign, LED border tubing, 2no. awnings, 1no. pole sign – Permission granted, 4 conditions, 27th April 2015

150374 – Pizza Hut, Petrolea Close, Colchester, CO4 5TU – Alteration of building frontage to include installation of new timber cladding – Permission granted, 3 conditions, 27th April 2015

150244 – 253 Mile End Road, Colchester, CO4 5DZ – Drop kerb/access to front drive from road – Permission granted, 2 conditions, 23rd April 2015

CC/COL/52/14 – Former Severalls Hospital site, Northern Approach Road (Phase 3), Colchester, Essex, CO4 5HG – Construction of a two-storey, two-form entry Primary School with associated hard and soft play space, vehicle access and parking, hard and soft landscaping, drainage, lighting and fencing – Permission granted, 19 conditions, 27th April 2015

150443 –  237 Axial Drive, Colchester, CO4 5YJ – Addition of front porch – Permission granted, 2 conditions, 30th April 2015

150104 – 248 Mill Road, Colchester, CO4 5JE – Demolition of existing house, garage and outbuilding. Erection of 4no. semi-detached houses – Application withdrawn, 29th April 2015

150348 – 96 Peto Avenue, Colchester, CO4 5WL – Single storey front extension ‘filling in’ space between garage and front door. Roof to be pitched and hipped into existing roof. Proposed extension to include double front door, velux windows and a ‘port-hole’ window to provide light and surveillance to driveway – Permission granted, 3 conditions, 30th April 2015

150436 – 19 Lucius Crescent, Colchester, Essex, CO4 9WW – New conservatory – Permission granted, 3 conditions, 1st May 2015

031-15/16     Date of next meeting – 20th May 2015, 7.15pm @ Myland Community Council Office, 101 Nayland Road, Colchester.

The meeting closed at 8:10pm