DPD Minutes 6th September 2017

Planning & Development Policy Committee

Minutes of the Myland Community Council Planning & Development Policy Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 6th September 2017, 7.15 pm @ 101 Nayland Road, Mile End Road, Colchester, CO4 5EN

Present:        Cllr Pete Hewitt (Chair)

Cllr Liz Gray

Cllr Alison Jay

The Assistant Clerk

There were no members of the public present.

060-17/18     Apologies – to receive and accept

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Dickson and Stewart

061-17/18    Declarations of Interest – Councillors to declare individually any interests they may have in the items on the agenda.  If a Councillor has a disclosable pecuniary interest in a matter being considered at a meeting, he/she must not participate in any discussion or vote on the matter at the meeting. The Councillor must withdraw from the room where the meeting is being held unless he/she has received a dispensation from the Clerk.

There were no Declarations of Interest made.

062-17/18     Have Your Say – Members of the public can comment on any item on the agenda

There were no comments.

063-17/18     Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

There were no announcements and no correspondence.

064-17/18     Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd August 2017 to be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman

The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd August 2017 were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed: Cllr Jay                                    Seconded: Cllr Gray                (Unanimous)

065-17/18     Update of progress of resolutions made at the last meeting

The Chairman said MCC’s comments on the Publication Draft Local Plan had been registered.

He said Cllr Stewart as Chairman of the P & DP had agreed that comments regarding the application by Gladman Developments for the site on Bakers Lane could be submitted to the Department for Communities and Local Government.

He said he had had a request from CBC to use the Neighbourhood Plan to support their opposition to this application. He said he had responded repeating his comments. He said MCC recognised there would be new houses on the Northern Gateway development so MCC was not against development. He said the Neighbourhood Plan and CBC’s Local Plan were consistent. He said CBC had said that the Neighbourhood Plan might be diminished if Gladman’s appeal was successful. He said he had responded by saying the same might be true for the Local Plan.

066-17/18     To note comments made regarding the Gladman Developments, Land at Bakers Lane, Braiswick, appeal.

The comments made under Item 065-17/18 were noted.

067-17/18     To consider and possibly resolve to write to Colchester Borough Council regarding the continuing delays in making a decision on the Land South of Cambian Fairview planning application, 162399 – Cllr Stewart

The Chairman said there was no documentation available for this committee to discuss this Item. He said Cllr Johnstone had raised this issue at the Planning Liaison meeting held on 5th September 2017 and that Simon Cairns at CBC would be looking into it.

068-17/18     Monitoring

There was no report.

069-17/18     Planning matters for review

There were no planning matters for review.

070-17/18     Planning, Licensing & Highways Applications/Appeals – To make recommendations, including requests for Section 106 money where applicable, on applications received (Appendix 1)

172021 – Unit 7, Easter Park, Axial Way, Colchester, CO4 5WY – Change of use from B1, B2 and B8 to include Sui Generis (prestige car business) which will involve displaying and selling a select small number of high-end vehicles inside and viewing by appointment (no changes to be made to the unit) – Support

Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                   Seconded: Cllr Gray                (Unanimous)

172052 – 57 Septimus Drive, Colchester, CO4 9EU – New extension to existing family home – Support

Proposed: Cllr Jay                                    Seconded: Cllr Hewitt             (Unanimous)

171980 – 63 Mile End Road, Colchester CO4 5BU – Resubmission of 162451.  Proposed single storey ground floor extension with part 2 storey – Support with comment

MCC support this application on the understanding that the dormer window is not part of this application.

Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                   Seconded: Cllr Gray                (Unanimous)

172158 – Bluebell Cottage, Leechs Lane, Colchester, CO4 5EP – Rear and side extension including garage – Comment

MCC support this application but would question the necessity for a new full application for a change of roof design and size.

Proposed: Cllr Gray                      Seconded: Cllr Jay                   (Unanimous)

172082 – North Colchester Urban Extension Mile End Road, Colchester – Application to discharge condition 13 of approval 121272 – Comment

MCC can only support a partial discharge of this condition due to the education area being excluded. MCC would also like to comment on the difficulty in reading the detail of the Design Brief on the CBC website.

Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                   Seconded: Cllr Gray                (Unanimous)

071-17/18     To receive copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions (Appendix 1)

Copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions were received.

072-17/18     Date of next meeting 4th October 2017, 7.15pm @ 101 Nayland Road

The meeting closed at 7.55pm.