Minutes Council Meeting – 15 May 2019

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Community Council held on Wednesday 15thMay 2019, 7.30pm, at Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester.



Cllr John Stewart (Chairman)                                         Yes

Cllr Pete Hewitt (Vice-Chairman)                                    Yes

Cllr Pauline Bacon                                                         Yes

Cllr Clare Bailey                                                             Yes

Cllr Gary Braddy                                                            Yes

Cllr Stewart Calver                                                        No

Cllr Catherine Clouston                                                  Yes

Cllr David Clouston                                                        Yes

Cllr Phil Coleman                                                           Yes

Cllr Marina de Smith                                                     Yes

Cllr John Dickson                                                           Yes

Cllr Martin Goss                                                            Yes

Cllr Alan Hayman                                                          No

Cllr Alison Jay                                                                Yes

Cllr Robert Johnstone                                                    Yes

Cllr David McCulloch                                                     No


There was one member of the public present.


As out-going Chairman, Cllr Hewitt welcomed new and returning colleagues. He said MCC did not promote political parties but worked as a team to promote quality of life for residents. He said he would not be standing as Chairman so he would like to offer his thanks to all Councillors for their hard work, help and support over the past year, and to staff members Katherine Kane and Herbert Duin.



1-19/20                        Election of Chairman


Councillor John Stewart

Proposed: Cllr Goss                   Seconded: Cllr D Clouston         (12 For; 1 Abstention)


Cllr Stewart was elected as Chairman and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


Cllr Stewart thanked Cllr Hewitt for his stalwart job as Chairman and said his standing in the community and his hard work for MCC was appreciated.


2-19/20                        Election of Vice-Chairman


Councillor Pete Hewitt

Proposed: Cllr Stewart               Seconded: Cllr Goss


Cllr Hewitt was unanimously elected as Vice-Chairman.


3-19/20                        To receive Declarations of Acceptance of Office from the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Councillors


Declarations of Acceptance of Office forms were received from Councillors present at the meeting. Cllrs Hayman, McCulloch and Stewart had signed their forms prior to the meeting.


4-19/20                        To receive apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Cllrs Hayman and McCulloch (holiday), Cllr Calver (work commitments) and Cllr King.


5-19/20                        Declarations of Interest


There were no Declarations of Interest.


6-19/20                        Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on 24thApril 2019


The minutes of the Community Council meeting held on 24thApril 2019 were agreedas a true record and signed by the Chairman.


7-19/20                        Have Your Say – Public Participation


A resident referred to the Make Lunch initiative and said a Light Lunch would be held on 30thMay 2019. He said a cooked meal would be provided for families on Thursdays throughout the summer holidays, and he thanked MCC for their support.



8-19/20                        Minutes of Committee Meetings

To formally acknowledge receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings:

  1. Planning and Highways Committee – meeting held on 1stMay 2019
  2. Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee – none to receive
  3. Community Engagement Committee – none to receive


Receipt of the minutes of the Planning and Highways Committee held on 1stMay 2019 was formally acknowledged.


9-19/20                        To receive the Clerk’s Report


The Clerk said the auditor had visited the office on Monday 13thMay and her report was awaited. She reminded Councillors about the need to complete their Election Expenses return and submit to CBC.


10-19/20          To receive the Ward and County Councillors’ Reports


Cllr Coleman said he had been involved with chasing the schools to be built on the Chesterwell development. He said there would be a meeting on 29thMay 2019 at St Michael’s Church which Essex County Councillor Ray Gooding would attend to answer questions. He said he had met with the headteacher of the Gilberd regarding the places for gifted music students and that this could not be rescinded for the current year.


Cllr Goss said he would chair the meeting at St Michael’s Church, and that it would be minuted and the minutes published. He said he had been a Parish Councillor for eleven years, that he had come on in a non-political role, and that he did not act in a political way. He said he would like to make clear he had always separated his roles and acted appropriately at all times.


11-19/20          Committees

  1. To review the delegation arrangements to all committees and the Personnel Sub-Committee

The delegation arrangements to all committees and the Personnel Sub-Committee were reviewed and there were no changes to propose.


  1. To review the Terms of Reference for all committees

The Terms of Reference for all committees were reviewed.


  • To appoint members to:
  1. Planning and Highways Committee

Cllrs Braddy, Calver, C Clouston, Dickson, Hewitt, Johnstone and Stewart.


  1. Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee

Cllrs Bacon, D Clouston, Hayman, Hewitt, Jay and McCulloch.


  1. Community Engagement Committee

Cllrs Bacon, Bailey, de Smith, Jay and Johnstone.


It was unanimously agreed to appoint members of the three committees as listed above,


12-19/20          To review and adopt:

  1. Standing Orders
  2. Financial Regulations


Standing Orders and Financial Regulations were reviewed, and it was agreed to adopt them as circulated.


13-19/20          To review arrangements with a view to the Council becoming eligible to exercise the General Power of Competence in the future


The Chairman said this was a standard agenda item for the Annual Meeting in an election year. He said without a qualified Clerk the Council is not eligible to exercise the General Power of Competence and would revert to using Section 137 power where necessary. It was noted that the Clerk was progressing with CiLCA qualification.


14-19/20          To review the inventory of land and other assets


The inventory of land and other assets was reviewed. It was noted that an up-to-date valuation of 101 Nayland Road should be sought.


15-19/20          To confirm arrangements for insurance cover in respect of insurable risks


Arrangements for insurance cover for the Council’s insurable risks were confirmed. It was noted that the RP & S Committee would be considering cover prior to renewal of the policy which was due in October.


16-19/20          To review the Council’s subscriptions to the following bodies:

  2. CALC
  • Open Space Society
  1. RCCE


The Council’s subscriptions to the bodies listed above were reviewed and confirmed.


17-19/20          To review the Council’s Complaints procedure


The Council’s Complaints procedure was reviewed.


18-19/20          To review the Council’s policies, procedures and practices in respect of its obligations under freedom of information and data protection legislation.


The Council’s policies, procedures and practices in respect of its obligations under freedom of information and data protection legislation were reviewed.


19-19/20          To review the Council’s policy for dealing with the press/media


The Council’s policy for dealing with the press/media was reviewed. The Chairman reminded Councillors all communication with the press should be through the Chair or the Clerk.


20-19/20          To review the Council’s employment policies and procedures.


The Council’s employment policies and procedures were reviewed.


21-19/20          To agree the date, time and place of ordinary meetings of the Council up to and including the next annual meeting of the Council.


It was agreedthat ordinary meetings of the Council would take place at the Mile End Methodist Church, Nayland Road, at 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of each month, except August when there would be no meeting and December when the meeting would be held on 18thDecember.


22-19/20          Reports from Members

To receive the following reports:

  1. Report from Chairman


As outgoing Chairman, Cllr Hewitt said he would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year.


Cllr Stewart said he would like to remind Councillors that reports under this item should be on activities undertaken as part of their role, not matters for debate. He said if Councillors could follow this, it would be appreciated.


He said he would also like to remind Councillors that global emails should only be sent out through the Clerk.


  1. Reports from Working Groups


Myland Access Group – Cllr Johnstone said there had not been a meeting of the Group since the last Council meeting. He said he would like to welcome potential new members and that the Group looked at access to the countryside from the parish. He referred to Highwoods Country Park, and Chesterwell on the western side and said there was a great deal of greenery which was covered in Public Rights of Way. He said the next meeting was planned for 5thJune 2019 and to contact him if interested.


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group – Cllr Hewitt said the Group now met quarterly. He said there were no meetings scheduled at present.


  1. Reports from Councillors


Cllr D Clouston said he would draw the issue of parking enforcement at the Bricklayers pub to the Council’s notice. He said he was assisting a resident with this issue.


Cllr C Clouston thanked Cllr Goss regarding wheelchair access to the Mile End Recreation Ground, as work had begun. She said she had attended a meeting at the stadium and that the Football Club had concerns about the traffic and the Northern Gateway development. She said there was still no decision on the parcel of land which had been discussed at prior meetings.


Cllr Bacon said she would like to see the Football Club’s noticeboard at the entrance to Boxted Road updated to give information about the closure of the road for matches.


Cllr Goss referred to the location of new defibrillators and said there was now one in the Mile End Recreation Ground.


Cllr de Smith said a meal for older residents had been held using the money donated by Friends of Myland, which had been very successful.


Cllr Jay said she and Cllr Bacon had attend a Patients Participation group meeting at the Mill Road surgery where issues raised had included the parking problems. She asked of the Council could consider supporting accessing the surgery in other ways.


Cllr Stewart said he and Cllr Hewitt had met with CBC and Colchester Amphora regarding the Rugby Club site and the Village Green. He said the surveyor’s report was still awaited.


Cllr Coleman said work had started on the Rugby Club’s new site with a 53 week work schedule.


Cllr Hewitt referred to the Annual Community Meeting and said it was not mandatory for Councillors to come but that it was important to show support for the guest from the Clinical Commissioning Group and for the presentation of the Honorary Freedom of Myland. He said it would be sad if there was a very small audience.


He offered congratulations to the new Editor of the Mylander on her first issue.


Cllr Johnstone said there had been a CALC meeting earlier in May where the Clerks’ Forum had been discussed. He said this forum was informative and useful, and that Councillors had been asked if they could encourage more support for this forum.


He said Jane’s Walks continued and that he had led a recent one on the Myland Orbital with guests who had all thoroughly enjoyed it.


Cllr Braddy referred to the state of the path from Myland Primary School to the Coop and the lights on Mill Road.


Cllr Bacon referred to the meeting held at the Mile End Methodist Church on 8thMay 2019 with Dementia Friends and said this had been a success. She said further talks were planned to include Child Poverty in June.


She referred to an incident with a car turning left to go up Mile End Road near the Queen Boudica statue and said she had emailed Essex County Council about this, although they had said there was insufficient evidence to take action.


She referred to the broken Co-op noticeboard and said she had asked the manager to fix this.


Cllr Bailey said she had attended the Dementia Friends meeting and that she enjoyed the regular talks.



23-19/20          Finance and Payments


To confirm approval of invoices received and paid and to consider approval of other invoices.


Approval of invoices received and paid, and approval of other invoices as listed below wereunanimously agreed.


Various Staff costs – May £2,833.44
CNG Utilities – Gas £64.86
Opus Energy Utilities – Electricity £4.72
M & K Gardens Office – Gardening £70.00
Clear Business Utilities – Telephone £23.33
Mile End Methodist Church Meetings April/May £46.00
Zen Internet Ltd Broadband £31.86
M & K Gardens Office – gardening £180.00
EALC Renewal of affiliation £1,312.72
Sharp/Copy IT Photocopier costs £32.23
Green Square Mylander Printing – INV-11240 £2,280.00
Green Square Banners – Fete £432.00
Total £7,311.16



24-19/20          Date and Time of Next Meeting: Wednesday 26thJune 2019, 7.30pm at the Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5ET.


            Annual Community Meeting, Wednesday 29thMay 2019, 7.30pm at the Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5ET.









Chairman’s signature___________________________