Minutes Council meeting – 25 September 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of the Community Council held on Wednesday 25th September 2019, 7.30pm, at Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester.


Cllr John Stewart (Chairman)                                         Yes

Cllr Pete Hewitt (Vice-Chairman)                                    Yes

Cllr Pauline Bacon                                                         No

Cllr Clare Bailey                                                             Yes

Cllr Gary Braddy                                                            Yes

Cllr Catherine Clouston                                                  Yes

Cllr David Clouston                                                        Yes

Cllr Phil Coleman                                                           No

Cllr Marina de Smith                                                     Yes

Cllr John Dickson                                                           No

Cllr Martin Goss                                                            No

Cllr Alan Hayman                                                          Yes

Cllr Jocelyn Law                                                             Yes

Cllr Alison Jay                                                                Yes

Cllr Robert Johnstone                                                    Yes

Cllr Clare Williams                                                         Yes


55-19/20          To receive apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Cllrs Bacon (work commitments), Coleman (Borough Council meeting), Goss (Borough Council meeting) and Dickson (holiday).


It was agreed to accept the apologies.


56-19/20          Declarations of Interest

There were no Declarations of Interest.


57-19/20          Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 24th July 2019

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 24th July 2019 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


58-19/20          Have Your Say – Public Participation

There were no comments.


59-19/20          Minutes of Committee Meetings

Receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings was formally acknowledged:

  1. Planning and Highways Committee – meetings held on 7th August 2019 and 4th September 2019


  1. Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee – no minutes to receive


  1. Community Engagement Committee – meetings held on 19th August 2019 and 16th September 2019.


60-19/20          To receive the Chairman’s report


                        The following report was received.


Since our last meeting in July, when we successfully co-opted two new Councillors, we have another vacancy due to the resignation of David McCulloch for personal reasons. I would like to thank David for stepping up to serve on this Council and wish him all the best for the future. The formal election notice has, at last, gone out and at the time of this meeting an advert inviting suitable persons wishing to be considered for co-option has been posted. The Council meeting in October will consider appointment of any candidates. I should explain that the delay in this case was outside the control of our Clerk and was due to the inability of Colchester Elections Office to comply with statutory requirements.


Our annual fete was held on Bank Holiday Monday and was very successful. Indeed, on my travels around the fete I heard no complaints and only positive comments. The weather was kind, and this is always a bonus. I would like to formerly thank Marina de Smith for her amazing organisational skills and for her time and effort through all the planning stages and her Committee members as well.  I would also thank all those helpers, both from within and outside Council, who helped to make the day go so smoothly. I was particularly pleased to see our two new Councillors helping out.


I have received a couple of reports that emails were getting returned unaccepted. On checking I found that the mailbox in question was full and therefore not accepting mail. I have had to increase those accounts mailbox allocations. However, a reminder to all that you need to regularly delete emails on your Council webmail If they are no longer needed. It would be helpful to note that it is rarely necessary to click ‘reply all’ in emails, as this just adds to storage counts, and much better to just use the ‘reply’ button.  If you need further information and advice, please feel free to speak to Katherine or myself.  



61-19/20          To receive the Clerk’s Report


                        The Clerk said she had nothing to report.


Councillors referred to problems experienced with OneDrive and the Clerk said this was something she would investigate.


62-19/20          To agree to appoint Councillor Jocelyn Law to the Community Engagement



It was agreed unanimously to appoint Councillor Jocelyn Law to the Community Engagement Committee.


63-19/20          To agree to review and amend Standing Orders to reflect policy advice received from Colchester Borough Council


                        It was agreed that section 3 (s) of Standing Orders should be amended to include reference to voting by signed written ballot in co-option proceedings and that voting by Councillors would be recorded in the minutes of the meeting if requested by a Councillor.


Cllr Hayman requested a recorded vote. The voting was as follows:


Cllr D Clouston:             For

Cllr C Clouston:             For

Cllr Braddy:                   For

Cllr Hayman:                 For

Cllr Johnstone:              For

Cllr Hewitt:                   For

Cllr Stewart:                  For

Cllr Jay:                         For

Cllr de Smith:                For

Cllr Law:                       For

Cllr Bailey:                    For

Cllr Williams:                For


64-19/20          To agree to review and amend the Casual Vacancy and Co-option Policy (details                       circulated prior to the meeting)


It was agreed unanimously to amend the Casual Vacancy and Co-option Policy as circulated.


65-19/20          To agree to amend the Terms of Reference of the Planning and Highways Committee to include delegated authority for expenditure within its budget


                        It was agreed unanimously to amend the Terms of Reference of the Planning and Highways Committee to include delegated authority for expenditure within its budget


66-19/20          Reports from Members

To receive the following reports:

  1. Reports from Working Groups


Myland Access Group

Cllr Johnstone said the group had planned footpath clearing and litterpicks. He referred to the Essex Highways Winter Briefing and said Mr Beauchamp was hoping to attend.


He said a litterpick was Mile End Recreation Ground was planned for 29th September 2019 and that work on the waymarker on FP39 at the A12 crossing would be undertaken.


Neighbourhood Plan Group

Cllr Hewitt said the group had taken on the Myland Mapping project. He said Colchester Borough Council were looking at this borough-wide with other organisations and had offered MCC the opportunity to be the pilot area.


He said he and Committee Chairs had attended a presentation given by project leaders, and that subsequently Councillors and a member of the NPWG had met. He said they hoped to have something up and running early in the new year. He said this would be an ongoing commitment given the changes the parish was facing.


  1. Reports from Councillors


Cllr C Clouston referred to the promised improvements to access to Fords Lane Recreation Ground from Braiswick Lane and said these were still not in place.


The Clerk said she would write to ward councillors to clarify the position.


Cllr Braddy said he had attended a Planning Skills Workshop at the Town Hall provided by Colchester Borough Council, and that it had been very useful.


Cllr Hewitt referred to Chesterwell Wood and an inquiry made by Cllr Bailey at a previous meeting. He said the undergrowth at the wood was now regenerating and that the majority of plants there now were plants that were to be kept. He said he had discussed the issue with the Woodland Trust who had advised this was standard procedure and that as far as he was aware Chesterwell Wood was being dealt with in accordance with standard procedures.


He referred to the Myland Summer fete and said he had been pleased with resident’s views expressing their opinions on Myland as a place to live.


He referred to the Greening the Parish initiative and said he and ward councillor David King had walked the parish identifying 12 sites. He said they had talked to CBC about these sites and that ownership would be a problem. He said he would propose pressing on with certain sites where ownership would not be an issue, so that there would be some action in the near future.


Cllr Jay said she had received the annual report from MakeLunch which she would circulate. She said close to 130 meals had been served over the summer events and it had been extremely successful. She said Essex Free School Uniforms had also attended and that MakeLunch were grateful for the Council’s continued support.


Cllr de Smith said the Spring Bulb Giveaway would take place on Saturday November 11th 2019.


She said she had attended the opening of the Asda Community Room with Cllr Jay which was an addition to community facilities in the parish.


Cllr Law said she was looking forward to contributing to the work of the Council as a member of the Community Engagement Committee.


Cllr Bailey said she had attended the talk about Women’s Refuge which was now named Next Chapter.


Cllr Williams said she had attended Day 1 of Councillor Training at EALC which had been really useful, and that she was looking forward to Day 2.


She referred to Greening the Parish and said she would like to emphasise the importance of trees to the environment.



67-19/20          Reports by Ward Councillors


                        The following report was received from Ward Councillor Martin Goss:


I have written to the Board of Directors of Galliford Try again about Northfields as progress has slowed again.

Trinity School is moving forwards slowly. Land Levels agreed. Discussions still ongoing over noise attenuation fencing.

Mile End Rd access for Chesterwell goes to planning Thursday.


68-19/20          Report by County Councillor


                        No report was received.


69-19/20          Finance and Payments


Approval of invoices received and paid and approval of other invoices were confirmed as listed below.





70-19/20          Date and Time of Next Meeting: Wednesday October 30th 2019, 7.30pm at the Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5ET.







Signed _______________________________________


Cllr John Stewart, Chairman