Minutes Council Meeting – 29 January 2020

Minutes of the Meeting of the Community Council held on Wednesday 29th January 2020, 7.30pm, at The Well Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester.



Cllr John Stewart (Chairman)                                         Yes

Cllr Pete Hewitt (Vice-Chairman)                                    Yes

Cllr Pauline Bacon                                                         Yes

Cllr Clare Bailey                                                             Yes

Cllr Gary Braddy                                                            Yes

Cllr Catherine Clouston                                                  Yes

Cllr David Clouston                                                        Yes

Cllr Phil Coleman                                                           Yes

Cllr Marina de Smith                                                     Yes

Cllr John Dickson                                                           Yes

Cllr Martin Goss                                                            No

Cllr Alan Hayman                                                          Yes

Cllr Jocelyn Law                                                             Yes

Cllr Alison Jay                                                                Yes

Cllr Robert Johnstone                                                    No

Cllr Tom Welham                                                          Yes

Cllr Clare Williams                                                         Yes


There was one member of the public present.


98-19/20          To receive apologies for absence


Apologies had been received from Cllr Goss. It was agreed unanimously to accept the apology for absence.


99-19/20          Declarations of Interest


There were no Declarations of Interest.


To receive Declarations of Interest relating to any item which appears on the agenda.


100-19/20        Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 27th November 2019


The minutes of the Community Council held on Wednesday 27th November 2019 were agreed unanimously as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


101-19/20        Have Your Say – Public Participation


There were no comments.


102-19/20        Minutes of Committee Meetings


Receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings was formally acknowledged:


  1. Planning and Highways Committee – meetings held on 4th December 2019 and 8th January 2020


  1. Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee – meeting held on 15th January 2020


  1. Community Engagement Committee – meetings held on 16th December 2019 and 20th January 2020


102-19/20        To receive the Chairman’s report


The following report was received from the Chairman:


“This month I had meetings with Cllr Oxford at Highwoods where we discussed items including the proposed Community Centre off Mill Road, the Village Green, parking problems and recycling. I also had a meeting with the Severalls Consortium receiving an update on the building progress on Kingswood Heath and raised several matters which affect our residents.


Both Katherine (our Clerk) and I have been aware that some Councillors are experiencing difficulty in accessing the One Drive. We have been using the Cloud for storage of Council paperwork as a more efficient system than local storage in our offices and this will continue. However, it is recognised that Councillors should be briefed on matters listed on agendas before meetings so they can be fully informed and prepared to make a decision at Council meetings. There is also a requirement that we must make such background papers available to the public (unless they are confidential). It has therefore been decided that in future background papers and reports will be placed on our website as is currently the case with Agendas and draft minutes. The Agenda summons by the Clerk will still be circulated by email as this is a legal requirement.


In future if you require an Agenda item for Council, then please send it to the Clerk with your supporting paper no less than 7 days before a meeting. If the item is included the paperwork will be placed on our website.  Councillors can then study the papers and be informed as to what they will be required to decide at the meeting.”


103-19/20        To receive the Clerk’s Report


The following report was received from the Clerk:


  • “The precept demand has been submitted to Colchester Borough Council following November’s Council meeting.


  • February’s issue of the Mylander has been checked by both the editor and me, and will be delivered to Cliff Pearne for distribution on Thursday 30th January. Progress of delivery will be monitored.


  • Issue of recycling products continues to take a significant part of my time. Some mornings between 15 and 20 people can come to the office for stock. Residents are experiencing significant problems accessing stock since Lighters on Highwoods stopped providing the service. A letter is being drafted to CBC outlining the problems faced by residents and MCC.”


Cllr D Clouston said he noted the latest Mylander was the fourth issue delivered by the new editor. He asked if an update on advertising could be made available for the next meeting.


104-19/20        Reports from Members

The following reports were received:


  1. Reports from Working Groups (maximum 2 minutes)


Cllr Hewitt said he had circulated the annual review of the Neighbourhood Plan to all Councillors. He said the report summarised action taken and the aspirations of the Plan. He said he felt as if the Neighbourhood Plan was being kept in focus.


Cllr Stewart reminded the meeting that the Neighbourhood Plan was available to read from the home page of the MCC website.


  1. Reports from Councillors on Council activities undertaken since the last meeting


Cllr Hayman referred to his comment at a previous meeting about the provision of crime “hot spot” information. He said the Police UK website had useful information for Colchester and so at the moment he would not be taking this any further.


Cllr Dickson said Cllr Hewitt had shared a paper on access in the parish to members of the Myland Access Group. He said this would be a basis for future meetings. He referred to the problem of drainage at the War Memorial and said this had been raised with ECC but was a low priority for them.


The Chairman said this was an issue that should be raised with the Planning and Highways Committee.


Cllr Hewitt said he and Cllr de Smith had met with potential providers for the Greening the Parish initiative. He said the meetings had been very supportive and helpful. He said another meeting was planned before proposals were brought to the Council.


He referred to the Chesterwell development and said the secondary school would now be provided directly by the Department of Education with the proposed opening date of 2021.


He said there were issues with management companies on the development which were being dealt with by Ward Councillor David King.


He said work on Chesterwell Park would start in the spring. He said the application for the next phase was imminent.


Cllr de Smith said the Fete Working Group had been set up to look at the 2020 Myland Fete.


Cllr Williams said she had met with ECC Councillor Anne Turrell to look at the state of the pavement outside Myland Primary School. She said orange spray had appeared on the pavement so she was hopeful work might start soon.


Cllr Law said the first meeting of the health and Well-Being Group would take place on 18th February 2020 at 7.30pm at the MCC office. She said although it would be an informal meeting there would be an outline agenda and that she had invited community stakeholders to attend the meeting. She said information would then be taken back to the Community Engagement Committee to take forward further research.


Cllr Welham referred to the provision of electric car recharging points. He said CBC were in negotiation with suppliers to provide these in town centre carparks which would have an effect on Myland residents.


Cllr Hewitt said he would be writing to CBC for a re-evaluation of air quality data for Mile End, following reports of understatement of this data by the Borough Council over the last five years.


Cllr Bacon said she had found the traffic flow along the VUR and NAR greatly improved towards Mill Road following completion of the recent works at junctions on those roads.


105-19/20        Reports by Ward Councillors


Cllr Coleman (Mile End Ward) said he had visited the Northern Gateway Sports site and work was continuing on the new Rugby Club and other facilities. He said cycling, archery and cricket were included in the plans but that he would be pushing for further sports to be included.

He said drainage in Mill Road would hopefully be sorted out soon.

He said the admission policy for the Trinity School on the Chesterwell development was now out for consultation.

He said he had asked Essex Highways to look at the traffic light sequencing on the NAR and VUR as this appeared to be causing problems.

Cllr Bailey said she had walked to Great Horkesley along the footpath which had involved crossing the A12 on foot, which was extremely dangerous. She asked if any progress had been made on the provision of a bridge.

Cllr Hewitt said the Neighbourhood Plan included an aspiration for a bridge at that point and the land was available either side of the A12. He said there was potential for a feasibility report.

Cllr Coleman said there would possibly be S106 money available for the footbridge across the A12.

Cllr C Clouston referred to the issue of parking in the Fords Lane Recreation Ground on Saturday mornings and said this was causing a hazard to pedestrians. She asked to whom this should be reported.

Cllr Coleman said he would contact the appropriate officer at CBC.

Cllr C Clouston also asked for an update on the proposed access gate at the Braiswick Lane end of the recreation ground.


106-19/20        Report by County Councillor

No report was received.

107-19/20        Finance and Payments

To confirm approval of invoices received and paid and to consider approval of other invoices.

Invoices were approved as listed below:


Various Staff costs – December 2019 £3,153.99
Various Staff costs – January 2020 £3,129.11
Copy IT Photocopier – December 2019 £13.92
The Well Methodist Church Meeting – November £23.00
Cllr Pauline Bacon Expenses – training £29.00
Cllr Alison Jay Expenses – training £96.90
Zen Internet Broadband – December £31.86
Zen Internet Broadband – January £31.86
Global Home Improvements Maintenance – kitchen sink £73.00
The Well Methodist Church Meetings £23.00
E & J fire & Security Maintenance – alarm £61.66
Cllr Stewart Expenses – Christmas £93.87
Clear Business Utilities – Telephone £21.25
Opus Energy Utilities – Electricity £26.75
Opus Energy Utilities – Gas £107.58
Zen Internet Broadband £31.86
BNP Paribas Leasing Photocopier Leasing £240.55
PWLB Public Loan repayment £6,169.16
Copy IT Photocopier £13.82
The Well Methodist Church Meetings £23.00
CNG Ltd Utilities – Final payment £42.67
Zen Internet Broadband – December £31.86
Opus Energy Gas – December £113.31
Clear Business Telephone – December £22.96
Opus Energy Electricity – December £27.49
Total £13,633.43



108-19/20        Date and Time of Next Meeting: Wednesday 26th February 2020, 7.30pm at the Well Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5ET.


The date and time of the next meeting were confirmed as Wednesday 26th February 2020, 7.30pm at the Well Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5ET.


The meeting closed at 8:25pm.