Minutes Council meeting – 30 September 2020

Minutes of the Meeting of the Community Council held online on Wednesday 30th September 2020, 7.30pm.


Cllr John Stewart (Chairman)                                         Yes

Cllr Pete Hewitt (Vice-Chairman)                                    Yes

Cllr Pauline Bacon                                                         Yes

Cllr Clare Bailey                                                             No

Cllr Gary Braddy                                                            Yes

Cllr Catherine Clouston                                                  Yes

Cllr David Clouston                                                        Yes

Cllr Phil Coleman                                                           No

Cllr Marina de Smith                                                     Yes

Cllr John Dickson                                                           Yes

Cllr Martin Goss                                                            No

Cllr Alan Hayman                                                          Yes

Cllr Jocelyn Law                                                             Yes

Cllr Alison Jay                                                                No

Cllr Robert Johnstone                                                    Yes

Cllr Tom Welham                                                          Yes

Cllr Clare Williams                                                         Yes


18-20/21          To receive apologies for absence


Apologies had been received from Cllr Jay (holiday) and acceptance of these was confirmed.


19-20/21          Declarations of Interest


There were no Declarations of Interest.


20-20/21          Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 24th June 2020


The minutes of the Community Council meeting held on Wednesday 24th June 2020 were agreed as a true record for signature by the Chairman at a later date.


21-20/21          Have Your Say – Public Participation


There were no comments.


22-20/21          Minutes of Committee Meetings


Receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings was formally acknowledged:

  1. Planning and Highways Committee – meetings held on 1st July, 5th August and 2nd September 2020
  2. Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee – meetings held on 23rd September 2020
  3. Community Engagement Committee – meeting held on 22nd July and 21st September 2020


23-20/21          To receive the Chairman’s report – circulated prior to the meeting


The following report was received:

From speaking with Committee Chair colleagues, it is reassuring that these online Zoom meetings are going very well. It is clear from Government feedback that any resumption of physical meetings is a long way off. Both NALC (National Association of Local Councils) and the Essex EALC are advising strongly against physical meetings at this time. Indeed, they are speaking with Government to persuade them to re-enact the Local Government Regulations currently in place beyond their expiry in May 2021. It is clear that these online meetings make our Council meetings more viable for members of our community, especially those with restricted movement. Our meetings can be recorded, and it has been suggested that, in the near future, these can be made available through our media resources.

Some of you will have seen that work on the Northern Gateway (Southern) section has been progressing considerably of late. Indeed, you can see ‘The Walk’, which is the main pedestrian boulevard, taking shape from the VUR. I have been asked to provide an update on current progress for Myland residents and I have done an article for the Mylander as well as a newsletter. However, I will be sending a copy to all of our Councillors initially as it is only correct that they are briefed ahead of release.

I have been pursuing resolution of legal matters in respect of the Community Green for some time now which, I have to say, has been frustrating.  The new Sports Complex has slipped until January 2021 and the planning application for the various works including the Community Green has still not been submitted yet. However, I will continue seeking resolution on these important matters.



24-20/21          To receive the Clerk’s Report – circulated prior to the meeting


The Clerk said that all documents required for the external audit of the Council’s accounts had been sent to the external auditor prior to the deadline, and the Council had complied with legal requirements relating to exercise of the public’s rights to see the accounts.


She said the August issue of the Mylander had been distributed later than usual because of technical difficulties surrounding the survey.


25-20/21          To note the:

  1. MCC Risk Assessment
  2. MCC Office Risk Assessment
  • MCC Office Re-opening Risk Assessment (Covid-19)


The documents listed above were noted.


26-20/21          To agree to adopt the Council Media Policy (circulated prior to the meeting)


It was agreed to adopt the Council Media Policy as circulated prior to the meeting.


27-20/21          To adopt the Editorial Policy for the Mylander as recommended by the Community Engagement Committee at their July 2020 meeting


With the addition of the words “This document does not represent the views of Myland Community Council.” to Item 13 as follows:


The Community Council may allow inserts to be included under the following circumstances:

  • Those produced by clubs or societies that are supported by the community Council
  • Those produced by or on behalf of charities that are located within Myland distribution area
  • Any article promoting a product or service will be considered but must carry a disclaimer – ‘This document does not represent the views of Myland Community Council’
  • Factual information on matters that affect the community The cost will normally be paid by the club, society or charity providing the insert.


the Editorial Policy for the Mylander was adopted.


28-20/21          Finance and Payments


To confirm approval of invoices received and paid and to consider approval of other invoices.


Invoices received and paid were approved as listed below:


List of payments for approval – 30.9.2020
Various Staff costs – July £3,215.88
Various Staff costs – August £3,215.88
Various Staff costs – September £3,215.88
BNP Paribas Leasing Photocopier lease £240.55
Zen Internet Broadband £31.86
Opus Energy Gas Utilities – Gas £26.00
TDT Enterprises Ltd Alarm inspection £82.80
M & K Gardens Office – Gardening £140.00
Mile End Churches MakeLunch grant £240.00
Allen Leslie Ltd Internal audit fee £300.00
Opus Energy Ltd Utilities – Electricity £21.06
Clear Business Utilities – Telephone £38.27
Cllr Jay Expenses – Zoom £14.39
Cllr de Smith Expenses – Bulb Giveaway £672.00
Amberol Ltd Planters £2,222.33
Cllr Jay Expenses – Zoom £14.39
Zen Internet Broadband £31.86
Opus Energy Utilities – Gas £27.72
Opus Energy Utilities – Electric £25.30
Clear Business Utilities – Telephone £28.66
CALC Subscription £35.00
Gravity Home & Maintenance Bus shelters – maintenance £88.20
M & K Gardens Gardening/installation of noticeboard at 101 Nayland Road £455.00
Anglian Water Utilities – water £62.29
Opus Energy Ltd Utilities  – electricity £28.20
Clear Business Utilities – telephone £29.35
Green Square Mylander – August £2,535.00
M & K Gardens Maintenance – Gardening £140.00
M & K Gardens Groundwork for planters £1,260.00
C Pearne Mylander delivery – August £540.00
Starboard Systems Ltd Accounting software £462.00
Easyspace Website – domain and hosting £190.44
Cllr Jay Expenses – Zoom £14.39
Opus Energy Ltd Utilities – Gas £27.53
Zen Internet Broadband £31.86
Anglian Water Utilities – water £37.62


29-20/21          Date and Time of Next Meeting: To be confirmed


It was confirmed that the next meeting would be held online on Wednesday 28th October 2020.