Minutes Planning & Highways Committee – 4 March 2020

Minutes of the Myland Community Council Planning & Highways Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 4th March 2020, 7.30pm, at 101 Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5EN


Present:        Cllr John Stewart

                      Cllr Gary Braddy

Cllr C Clouston

Cllr John Dickson

Cllr Pete Hewitt

Cllr Robert Johnstone


There were five members of the public present.


83-19/20      Apologies – to receive and accept

                      No apologies had been received.

84-19/20      Declarations of Interest

                     Cllr Hewitt declared a non-pecuniary interest in Item 89-19/20, application 200203.

Cllr Johnstone declared a non-pecuniary interest in Item 89-19/20, application 192906.

85-19/20      Have Your Say

A resident referred to application 200216 and the email he had sent to MCC on this matter. He said residents had been given assurances regarding their security and privacy prior to construction of the Park and Ride. He said residents now suffered from a lack of privacy and issues with noise and dust due to construction traffic using the space that had been agreed as a buffer behind their properties.

He said there was no need for converting the route as proposed as the existing route was already lit.

He said the gap behind their properties had been provided for security and it was now being turned into something else.

                     A resident referred to application 200216 and said she would like to reiterate the previous comments. She said residents had been as proactive as possible and engaged with meetings. She said all that had been promised had been changed without consultation. She said now the one remaining aspect of privacy and security was being removed.

A resident referred to application 200216 and said they had experienced small issues with the construction.

A resident referred to application 200216 and said that the bund and said that the height did not agree with the original plan. She said it was not being maintained.

86-19/20      Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

                     There were no announcements.

87-19/20      To agree the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th February 2020 to be a true record for signature by the Chairman

                      The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th February 2020 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

88-19/20      Planning, Licensing & Highways Applications/Appeals – To make recommendations, including requests for Section 106 money where applicable, on applications received

200068 – 7 Golden Dawn Way, Colchester   CO4 5DF – To add a 6.5m x 6.5m Flat roofed Garden room, which will also be used as a Gym. Located at the end of the garden. The building will be 1m from the boundary and 3m at its highest point.

200291 – 7 Golden Dawn Way, Colchester   CO4 5DF – Erection of a single story garden room to the rear of the garden. Also to be used as gym and play room. Fitted with UPVC windows on 3 sides and a set of UPVC French doors to the front.

Cllr Braddy said these applications were identical and that one had been submitted in error and would be withdrawn.

It was agreed unanimously to support both applications.

200091 – 226 Axial Drive, Colchester   CO4 5YJ – Single story downstairs single room extension to infill rear of house to square it off. The room will be on the rear of the existing kitchen and to the side of the utility room built over an existing patio and to the side of the existing driveway.

It was agreed unanimously to support this application.

200216 – CNG Sports, Cuckoo Farm Way, Colchester   CO4 5JA – Variation of Conditions 2, 37, 38 and 40 of application 183101 to permit an alternative cycle/footway access route prior to occupation of the site, with subsequent installation of the previously approved cycleway/footway at Severalls Lane, Junction 28

A motion to support this application was defeated.

It was agreed unanimously to comment as follows:

MCC would ask this application is reviewed with further consideration by Essex Highways and CBC with guarantees that this is a temporary fix with a progress review to be undertaken six months after the date of opening of the diversion.

MCC have concerns regarding the safety of the proposed route for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.


200203 – Neighbourhood Centre, North Colchester Urban Ext, Mile End Road, Colchester – Application to vary condition 7 of planning permission 121272 to   amend drawing ‘Residential Density’ to allow up to 75 dwellings in the Neighbourhood Centre.

It was agreed unanimously to object on the same grounds as the previous application 192890.

192906 – 37 Mile End Road, Colchester   CO4 5BU – Demolition of existing buildings and creation of 8 apartments.   Resubmission of 191793

It was agreed unanimously to object for the following reasons:

  • Overlooking of neighbouring properties and resultant loss of privacy
  • Overdevelopment of the site and infill
  • Possible loss of established tree
  • Parking issues – the surrounding area has restricted permit parking and double yellow lines
  • Noise and nuisance to neighbouring properties
  • Loss of public visual amenity and detriment to the surrounding street scene.


190665 – Hybrid planning application – Outline planning application for a healthcare campus (ca 5ha) consisting of up to 300 older people’s homes (C3), a 4,300 sq. m private acute surgical hospital (C2), a (1,200 sq. m.) medical centre (D1), a (3,600 sq. m.), 75–bed care home (C2), up to 55742 sqm offices (B1a); up to 350 homes (C3), with ancillary retail and food & drink consisting of up to 1000 m2 of retail (A1), up to 500m2 of food and drink (A3), a digital network of ultra-fast broadband; together with two points of vehicular access from the public highway, a pedestrian boulevard and community green (4.5 ha). All matters apart from access to be reserved in relation to the outline elements of the proposals. The development also seeks Detailed consent for a first phase of infrastructure to include the creation of a pedestrian boulevard and associated landscaping, and a renewable – energy centre and heat distribution network.

Cllr Stewart referred to previous consideration of this application. He said that he and Cllr Hewitt had discussed the application with CBC planning officers and concerns raised had been addressed.

 It was agreed unanimously to support this application.

200304 – Emergency Department, Colchester General Hospital, Turner Road, Colchester   CO4 5JL – Emergency Department Extension into Courtyard to Form Paediatric   Area, New Ambulance Canopy and Link Corridor and New Rear Canopy to Assessment Units.

It was agreed unanimously to support this application.

89-19/20    To receive copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions

                   The following Decisions were received.

193009 – 83 Apprentice Drive, Colchester   CO4 5SE – Electric roller garage door (and motor) fixed to applicant’s property to the front of carport – in accordance with and as advised by  Crocodile. Sole purpose for the installation is to provide security for the family members (children)

Permission granted, 1 condition, 21st February 2020


200022 – 39 Dickenson Road, Colchester   CO4 5BZ – Rear single storey extension to main dwelling

Permission granted, 3 conditions, 26th February 2020


192959 – 229 Bergholt Road, Colchester   CO4 5AT – Replacement dwelling following demolition of bungalow and garage.

Permission granted, 13 conditions, 17th February 2020


193001 – 32 Birchwood Drive, Colchester   CO4 6AW – To install a garage door

Permission granted, 3 conditions, 17th February 2020



90-19/20      To note the time, date and place of next meeting – Wednesday 1st April 2020, 7.30pm at 101 Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5EN.






The meeting closed at 8.50pm.