Minutes Planning & Highways Committee – 5th February 2020

Planning & Highways Committee


Minutes of the Myland Community Council Planning & Highways Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 5th February 2020, 7.30pm, at 101 Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5EN


Present:        Cllr John Stewart

                      Cllr Gary Braddy

Cllr John Dickson

Cllr Pete Hewitt


74-19/20      Apologies

Apologies had been received from Cllr Catherine Clouston. It was unanimously agreed to accept the apologies.

75-19/20      Declarations of Interest

                     Cllr Hewitt declared a non-pecuniary interest in Item 80-19/20, planning applications 193147 and 200161.

76-19/20      Have Your Say

There were no comments.

77-19/20      Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

                      The Chairman said he had met with representatives of the Severalls consortium.

He said:

  • The main spine road, Whitmore Drive, was now open;
  • Bloor Homes were due to leave the site by August 2020, with the other developers leaving in 2021;
  • The playground equipment had been ordered and was the responsibility of Bloor;
  • The commercial mixed-use site would proceed with a nursery for 136 children following other users pulling out.
  • The site for the Community Centre which was currently being used as a temporary car park was being discussed and further developments were awaited;
  • A defibrillator had been donated by Bloor Homes to MCC and it was felt this should be used on the new development;
  • The memorial to those killed in the 1942 bombing of the site would be replaced at the front of the Administration Building, following which there would be a re-dedication ceremony.

78-19/20      To agree the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7th January 2020 to be a true record for signature by the Chairman

                      The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7th January 2020 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

79-19/20      To discuss drainage issues at the War Memorial at the entrance to Braiswick Lane and agree any action necessary

                      Cllr Dickson said residents had expressed concerns about excess rain water on the road surface at the War Memorial. He said he had raised the issue with Essex Highways who had indicated this was low priority. He said given the emotion of the location he felt further action should be taken.

It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Alan Lindsay at Essex Highways as follows:

  • the waterlogging at the War Memorial was a source of embarrassment to the Community Council and concern to residents, given the sensitivity of the location;
  • MCC would like Essex Highways to provide a cost figure and the procedure for carrying out the work, which although low priority to Essex Highways would be high priority for MCC;
  • MCC have concerns over pedestrian safety;
  • Observation would suggest that a channel from the puddle into the drain on Nayland Road would be required;
  • A member of the Planning & Highways Committee would be happy to meet a representative from Essex Highways to discuss.

80-19/20      Planning, Licensing & Highways Applications/Appeals – To make recommendations, including requests for Section 106 money where applicable, on applications received

193147 – North Colchester Urban Ext, Mile End Road, Colchester – Application for approval of reserved matters for details of    access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for residential  development comprising construction of 34 dwellings and associated parking, servicing and pedestrian access – follows outline


It was unanimously agreed to support this application.



200161 – Parcel G12 North Colchester Urban Ext, Mile End Road, Colchester – Reserved matters application following outline approval. (121272) –  Attenuation Pond and landscaping details in Parcel G12


It was unanimously agreed to support this application.



200022 – 39 Dickenson Road, Colchester   CO4 5BZ – Rear single storey extension to main dwelling


It was unanimously agreed to support this application.



200145 – 63 Mile End Road, Colchester   CO4 5BU – Two storey rear extension


It was unanimously agreed to support this application.


200079 – Between Via Urbis Romanae & Mill Road, Land South of, Axial Way, Colchester – Detailed consent for a first phase of infrastructure to include the  creation of a pedestrian ‘Walk'(previously known as the Boulevard) and associated landscaping and a renewable energy centre and heat   distribution network.


It was unanimously agreed to support this application noting the following:


  • That vehicular access to the residential developments is only from Axial Way with no access from Mill Road;
  • MCC note the change of title from Village Green to Community Green;
  • With reference to parking facility for the Green, this has not been agreed with CBC/Amphora, who did not want vehicular traffic crossing over The Walk onto the Green for pedestrian safety reasons. There will be a small amount of parking adjacent to the proposed Community Building but not the current overspill car park, which is to be landscaped;
  • MCC strongly support the intention to retain all ancient trees and hedgerows;
  • MCC also note the joined-up access with existing PRoWs and the bridleway.



200127 – 9 Thomas Wakley Close, Colchester   CO4 5DP – Proposed first floor side extensions and new entrance porch, complete with internal alterations


It was unanimously agreed to support this application.



200016 – CNG Sports, Cuckoo Farm Way, Colchester   CO4 5JA – Application for to vary conditions 2, 37, 38 & 40 following grant  of planning permission 183101 to permit an alternative cycle/footway and equestrian access route prior to occupation of the site


A decision on this application was deferred as the Committee felt further information was required before an informed decision could be made.



81-19/20      To receive copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions (Appendix 1)

                      There were no Decisions to receive.



82-19/20      To note the time, date and place of next meeting – Wednesday 4th March 2020, 7.30pm at 101 Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5EN.




The meeting closed at 8.35pm.