MCC Draft Minutes February 2021

Minutes of the Meeting of the Community Council held online on Wednesday 24th February 2021, 7.30pm.
Cllr Pete Hewitt (Chairman) Yes
Cllr Pauline Bacon Yes
Cllr Clare Bailey No
Cllr Gary Braddy Yes
Cllr Catherine Clouston Yes
Cllr David Clouston Yes
Cllr Phil Coleman No
Cllr Marina de Smith Yes
Cllr John Dickson Yes
Cllr Martin Goss No
Cllr Alan Hayman Yes
Cllr Jocelyn Law Yes
Cllr Alison Jay Yes
Cllr Robert Johnstone Yes
Cllr Tom Welham Yes
Cllr Clare Williams Yes

Cllr Clare Bailey was visible on screen but could not be heard.

76-20/21 To receive apologies for absence and confirm acceptance of those apologies.

Apologies had been received from Councillors Coleman and Goss (Colchester Borough Council meeting). Acceptance of these apologies was confirmed.

77-20/21 To consider and possibly agree to suspend the requirement detailed in Standing Order 3(s) for a signed ballot for co-option proceedings for the duration of this meeting

It was agreed to suspend the requirement detailed in Standing Order 3(s) for a signed ballot for co-option proceedings for the duration of this meeting

78-20/21 To consider and possibly agree to co-opt Mrs Jackie Lester to the vacancy in Myland East ward

It was agreed to co-opt Mrs Jackie Lester to the vacancy in Myland East ward

The Council noted that the Clerk would supply Cllr Lester with a Declaration of Acceptance of Office form and the Register of Interests for signature as soon as possible.

79-20/21 Declarations of Interest

There were no Declarations of Interest.

80-20/21 Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 27th January 2021

The minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 27th January 2021 were agreed as a true record for signature by the Chairman at a later date.

81-20/21 Have Your Say – Public Participation

There were no comments.

82-20/21 Minutes of Committee Meetings
To formally acknowledge receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings:
a) Planning and Highways Committee – meetings held on 3rd February 2021
b) Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee – meeting held on 17th February 2021
c) Community Engagement Committee – meeting held on 8th February 2021

Receipt of the minutes of the committee meetings detailed above was formally acknowledged.

83-20/21 To receive a report from the Chairman

The following report was received from the Chairman:

• Mill Road Village Green Heads of Terms – Cllr Alan Hayman and I continue to work on these which are a precursor to actual leasing arrangement documents. Conscious that any arrangements commit MCC to a 125 year lease we are exercising caution before committing to any documents.

• The plaque recently placed with the existing Severalls First World War Memorial and remembering victims of the Second World War bombing incident at the Hospital needs replacing. We have gone to tender for quotes on the work we believe should be done and a paper will be presented to RP&S and Full Council in due course. Cllrs Marina de Smith and Clare Williams are helping with Memorial Garden design.

• Early work on the Myland and Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is slow but some early thoughts are that aspects of the recent Health & Well-being Survey will help inform the NP. Cllr Jocelyn Law supports this as does our NP liaison Officer at CBC. Steering Group members have suggested that the ‘Housing’ section should concentrate on design. This is felt especially important for the pockets of development likely in Braiswick and future house building on the Northern Gateway site. It is also suggested that the ‘Public Realm’ section is increasingly important and that environment considerations should include climate change.

• Proposals to define and possibly adopt a ‘Myland and Braiswick Natural Green Network’ have been produced and presented to Cllrs for this MCC meeting. This is the baseline network which it is hoped can be extended. Suggestions have already been received from one or two Cllrs. If adopted the next steps will be to embed related policies in the NP – engage with neighbouring settlements on the matter of protecting the existing green corridors from urban sprawl – draft a strategic reason for the A12 crossing (this is to respond to CBC advice a while ago that the crossing stands more chance of being progressed if there are strategic reasons for doing so).

• As you know the point has been reached where discussions are underway concerning the community centre on Kingswood Heath next to the Academy. To pave the way for moving forward on this Cllrs Alison Jay, Jocelyn Law and Clare Williams have expressed a willingness to form an early Working Group to ensure we stay abreast of progress, options, etc, etc. This may be a large enough group for the time-being but if other Cllrs wish to become involved as things develop please let me know.

84-20/21 To receive the Clerk’s Report

The Clerk’s report was received.

85-20/21 To consider and possibly agree to adopt the proposed Myland & Braiswick Natural Green Network as previously circulated.

The following points were noted:

• The importance of providing links from within the parish to beyond the boundary, for example from New Braiswick Park under the railway line to Cymbeline Meadow and Charter Wood, and a potential link from Bridleway 232 to Langham and Boxted.
• The potential for working with Langham and Boxted Parish Councils.
• The possibility of Colchester Borough Council adopting the document as was done with the Neighbourhood Plan.
• The necessity of safeguarding remaining open spaces.
• The importance of considering “corridors” along the A12 and their impact on the well-being of wildlife.

It was agreed to adopt the proposed Myland & Braiswick Natural Green Network as previously circulated.

86-20/21 Finance and Payments
To confirm approval of invoices received and paid and to consider approval of other invoices.

Approval of invoices was confirmed as listed below:

Various Staff costs – February £3,215.88

Clear Business Utilities – Telephone £37.63
Cllr J Dickson Expenses – Stationery £4.00
Bin Shop Salt bins £342.67
Cllr A Jay Expenses – laptop £529.00
ActiveMed Supplies Defibrillators £4,101.00
Cllr Bacon Expenses – Training £38.93
Open Spaces Society Renewal subscription £45.00
NALC LCAS fee £60.00
E & J Fire & Security Fire extinguisher service £100.55
Green Square Mylander Printing costs £421.00
C Pearne Mylander delivery £720.00
ActiveMed Supplies Defibrillators – VAT payment £813.00
Friends of Braiswick School Grant £1,000.00
Together We Grow CIC Grant £2,500.00
Opus Energy Gas Supplies Utilities – Gas £141.31
Zen Internet Broadband £31.86

87-20/21 To receive reports from:
a) Chairs of Committees
b) Chairs of Working Groups
c) Councillors on Council activities since the last Council Meeting

Cllr Bacon said one defibrillator had been installed at the garage on Bergholt Road and one was due to be installed at Camulos Academy. She said the cost of installation at Queen Boudica had been agreed at the latest Resources, Policy & Strategy committee meeting. She said she was still investigating the possibility of tapping into the streetlight next to the school. She said she was speaking to Mill Road Surgery regarding placement and also still trying to track down a contact for the Leisureworld complex on the Northern Gateway but that this might not be the best site.

Cllr Catherine Clouston said she was still planning to write regarding MCC reclaiming ownership of mowing and hedge contracts.

Cllr Williams said CBC had set aside £1.5m for a community centre on the old Rugby Club site on Mill Road. She said there was an online survey for CBC to consult with the public and a video released giving an overview of the site. She said she would share the link with all councillors.

Cllr Johnstone said that the Planning & Highways Committee had considered an application for a new McDonalds restaurant at the Turner Rise retail park and had objected.

He said the Myland Access Group had held a meeting which an officer from Essex Highways had attended. He said it had been a very interesting meeting. He said the digitisation of the Definitive Map had been discussed and that the legislation to enable this had been passed in 2015 but was still held up in Parliament. He said she had been asked how she felt EH dealt with planning applications where public rights of way were subsumed, built over or driven over. He said he did not feel they had received a full answer to this. He said it appeared that the EH Public Rights of Way team were not automatically informed about these applications and she had not heard of the Chesterwell development. He said he would take this forward.

Cllr Dickson referred to this meeting and said they had learned that all Public Right of Way was walked its full length every five years.

He referred to the appeal by Mersea Homes on the opening of Bartholomew Court for access to the Chesterwell development and said the link provided by CBC for comments was incorrect.

Cllr Johnstone said the Planning & Highways Committee would be considering this appeal at their meeting on 3rd March 2021.

Cllr Jay said she had attended a meeting of the Patients’ Participation Group at Mill Road Surgery. She said they had been hugely supportive of the Myland Map and had put a small picture of the map on their newsletter. She said they were interested in the health routes and notifying bus stops. She said the vaccination programme was going well and 20% of their patient list had already been vaccinated. She said thanks were due to all councillors who had helped with the programme and there had been excellent feedback about the organisation of the programme from residents.

Cllr de Smith said the memorial bench was to be moved from the Community Garden to the Mill Road green space and this was in the process of being organised.

She said she was looking at places to put bollards to stop parking on green verges and if anyone had any suggestions they could let her know.

She said she was looking at the Council’s grit bins and possible new locations.

Cllr Law said she had been investigating introduction of a Council e-newsletter and had discussed this with Cllr de Smith and the Clerk to ensure there would be no duplication with the Mylander.

She said the Youth Award Scheme was progressing.

She said 45 residents had signed up to the Seed Giveaway through publicity in the Mylander and that MakeLunch were also involved.
She said the Health & Well-Being Group would be using the results of the survey to formulate a Health & Well-Being Plan.

She said the Community Engagement Committee were considering a way to recognise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the parish possibly through the Greening the Parish initiative.

She said a meeting about the provision of community transport would be held the following week.

She said she was arranging training on Hate Crime Awareness on 16th and 30th March for anyone who was interested.

Cllr Braddy said he had attended the Health & Well-Being Group and was working with Cllr Law on this. He said he had also attend a meeting of the Planning & Highways Committee.

Cllr Hayman referred to the Freemen and Women of Myland Award and said he had received four suggestions from a resident. He said the position with the final suggestion had been clarified and that he would respond to the resident concerned.

Cllr Welham said he had tried to attend training in the StreetTag initiative but technical issues had arisen. He said however this was an app which encouraged people to get out and about in their local area as the idea was to “tag” real locations.

He said he was still investigating moving the Council’s technology across platforms but had encountered a problem with the website and email.

Cllr Bacon referred to the possibilities provided by using OneDrive and the website for providing information to Councillors rather than email.

88-20/21 Date and Time of Next Meeting: To be confirmed

It was confirmed that the next meeting would be held online on Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Signed _______________________________________

Cllr Pete Hewitt, Chairman