Minutes 24th April 2018

The Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 24th April 2018 at Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester, commencing at 7.30pm

Council Members present
Chairman: Councillor J L Stewart Yes
Vice Chairman: Councillor M Goss Yes

Councillors: Councillor Ms. P Bacon Yes
Councillor Miss C Bailey Yes
Councillor R Beauchamp No
Councillor Mrs C Clouston No
Councillor D Clouston Yes
Councillor Ms de Smith Yes
Councillor J Dickson No
Councillor S Calver Yes
Councillor A Ellis Yes
Councillor Ms L Gray No
Councillor A Hayman Yes
Councillor P Hewitt Yes
Councillor Mrs A Jay Yes
Councillor R Johnstone Yes
Councillor D King Yes

Staff Present: Clerk to the Council Denise Humphris
Assistant Clerk Katherine Kane

1 member of the public

161/17 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE RESOLVED: to accept apologies from Councillors
Mrs Clouston, Councillor R Beauchamp, Councillor J Dickson and Councillor Ms
L Gray.


RESOLVED: (unanimously) to appoint Mr S Calver to the Vacant seat.
The Clerk received his Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

RESOLVED: to approve the minutes (previously circulated)as a true record for
signature by the Chairman.

165/17 HAVE YOUR SAY – PUBLIC PARTICIPATION No matters raised.

Agenda setting -Members noted Local Government rules which give the Clerk
responsibility for setting the agenda for MCC meetings. The Clerk may decide what
can and can’t go on the agenda. If councillors are dissatisfied they should write to
the Chair or Vice Chair of MCC and not challenge the Clerk directly.
MCC Communications – Members noted that only the Chair and/or Clerk are
permitted to speak on behalf of the Council and councillors must ensure that they
do not appear to speak on behalf of the Council in any matters, even by implication
if this has not been previously authorised in advance in writing by both the Clerk
and the Chair.

The receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings was formally
a) Planning and Development Policy Committee: meeting held 4th April 2018
It was noted that these have not been circulated.
b) Resources, Planning and Strategy Committee: meeting held 26th March 2018
& 23rd April 2018.
It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendations included therein with
Regards to the following points:
Min No. RPS170/17
Annual Review of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit
Internal Auditors report and related action plan
The recommendation relating to payments and allowances for councillors
will be placed on the Full Council Agenda for May pending clarification of
Members reviewed the Annual Return and all supporting financial information.
Annual Governance Statement Section 1 RESOLVED this may be signed off with
all statements marked as yes apart from statements number 2 which must be
marked ‘No’ due to the fact that no review of the effectiveness of internal audit
had been carried out previously and also ‘no’ to statement number 5 as no annual
risk assessment document could be found. These points have been included in
the action plan detailed above to be corrected during 2018/2019.
Section 2 Accounting Statements RESOLVED approval and signature by the
d) Community Engagement Committee: meeting held 18th April 2018 –
Minutes noted.

Nothing to report

Borough Councillor Goss reported that he had met with County Councillor Turrell
in Chelmsford to discuss various matters including Highways issues in Mill Road.
The necessary repairs to the road were undertaken the following day.

a) Chairman – Nothing to report
b) Reports from Working Groups – as follows:
Neighbourhood Plan Group.
Councillor Hewitt reported as follows:
Apart from one councillor there has been no other expression of interest or
comment on the suggestion to establish a focus group to look at future travel
options. For the time being therefore the NP Group will concentrate its efforts on
the Myland Mapping project which covers some of the concerns. See *
The various routes for canvassing thoughts on how the plot of land at the
Community Stadium and other sites might be utilised is now in full swing with an
entry also in the Mylander due for delivery soon.
This is awaiting information from CBC.
This is being progressed.
*This has been discussed with the Best Foot Forward (BFF) project, the Walk Essex
Orbital Route (OR) leader, MCC’s Access Group (MAG) and CBC. There are areas of
common interest and everyone is very supportive. Plans are under way to liaise
with CBC for access to maps. BFF is closing and has offered to transfer the remains
of its funds to this project. OR wish to provide MCC Office with a hard copy
reference of its Route. Both BFF and OR aspired to introduce mapping or map
Links and were thwarted by shortage of funds. CBC recognises the benefits for the
community in having clear pedestrian, cycle and mobility routes across Myland and
with links out-with the Parish. This MCC project has the potential to
provide a valuable service to the community AND help other worthy projects to
achieve their aspirations.
Hospital Public Member Scheme
Councillor Hewitt has been advised by a Governor of the Hospital that members
of the public may also sign up to become ‘Public Members’.
The idea is that you are regularly informed of important matters and may
be occasionally included in surveys for opinions. Councillor Clouston confirmed that
there is an article in the Mylander with an option to sign up as a public member
of the hospital. This has raised an important question in whether MCC
should have periodic meetings with a suitable Hospital person so that we as a
Council are at least aware of major issues or plans.
The Hospital is on our ‘patch’ and in addition to us all who may use its services
many of our residents are employed at the Hospital. This should
include the Mental Health services that also exist on the site. Councillor Hayman
confirmed that the ‘public membership’ option is also available for Mental Health
Partnership Trust. MCC’s P&DP Committee made the following statement in its
comments on CBC’s new Local Plan: “Whilst MCC welcomes a policy on health and
well-being the limited details are symptomatic that the emphasis is placed on
housing and not community considerations. MCC welcomes the provision of a site
on the Chesterwell development for a GP Surgery and expects its fruition to be
pursued with vigour. Equally important MCC would wish to see evidence prior to
adoption of the Local Plan that health providers i.e. Colchester General Hospital
has an effective strategic plan to cope with the growth forecast…”
Members we asked to pass on their views on whether MCC should pursue the
idea of regular liaison meeting.
Councillor Bacon queried whether this should be a matter for the Community
Engagement Committee and the reply was that it would likely ‘stand alone’ not
directly linked to any committee as for the Planning Liaison groups. Councillor
Bacon queried reporting for various Council groups and was advised that all
Matters needing consideration are reported back by those attending the meetings.
MCC Action Table
This table outline various MCC projects and provides a basic format for monitoring
progress of those Projects.
c) Reports from Councillors:
Annual Fete – Councillor Ellis reported that he had sourced some hay
bales for this event
Community Engagement Meet and Greet – Councillor Bailey advised this was
proving successful and the group are considering alternative venues for
Future meetings.
Highways – Councillor Bailey advised that countries abroad use better quality
material for road repairs. Councillor Goss advised that these matters are
managed by Essex County Council via their contractors.
Developer Liaison – Councillor King advised that various liaison with various
Developers continues to be useful and that concerns have been raised
recently about a new model being implemented which levies service charges
on new householders. Councillor King will circulate full details for
Honorary Freemen – Councillor Hayman advised he was interested in
Implementing this scheme for Myland Community Council but did not want
to devalue, duplicate or detract from the existing Order of Merit. If other
councillors felt this would be a worthwhile project he would be happy to put
a paper together.
Personnel sub-committee – Councillor Clouston gave a brief update on his
work with office staff recently in terms of assessing resourcing hours. The
Clerk works 25 hours per work and the Assistant Clerk 20 which is enough to
Run the basic business of the Council. He asked members to be aware that
every new idea or project will directly or indirectly impact on the office
resources and costs should be considered. Moving forward capacity planning
and resourcing will be something for the council to consider post May 2018.
Some discussion ensued about office opening hours and Councillor Clouston
advised that there was no correlation between staff hours worked and
office opening hours and questions about when the office should be open will
be looked at as part of a longer term plan.
Patient Participation Group – Councillor Mrs Jay reported that 8-8 working
will be implemented by October 2018 and that opening hours were extended
over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend to help alleviate pressure on the
Hospital Accident and Emergency department and also the 111 service.
However, missed appointments still caused problems with 25% of patients
Not attending their appointments or cancelling. An open meeting is being
arranged (date not yet known) but is expected to have guest speakers.
GDPR is having a huge impact on the workload with 19000 patients having to
be contacted to fill out new forms.
Book storage – Councillor Mrs de Smith and Councillor Ms Bacon advised
that all books have now been moved from the office and some have been
given away to various voluntary groups and charities. The remainder will be
taken to St Helena Hospice Fete to be sold and proceeds donated to the
First Responders – Councillor Bacon advised she will be preparing an article
for the Mylander.
Myland Access Group – Councillor Beauchamp advised that the meeting
schedule has been set for 2018 with the group meeting every six weeks.
The group have obtained a quote to replace the Noticeboard at the
Bricklayer’s Arms and have discussed various problems with Essex County
Council’s online reporting tool for Highways which they will report to ECC.

RESOLVED: to approve the list of payments for April 2018 totalling £6276.31
as follows:

Staff costs 3980.55 3980.55 April staff costs
Alan Hayman 54 54 Training Mileage
Mrs D Humphris 68.98 68.98 Office phone
Bugg Skip Hire 240 40 200 Skip Hire
Whitebarn 270.72 45.12 225.6 Office 365 x2
M Fulcher 140 140 Gardening 101 Nayland
M Fulcher 20 20 Gardening Memorial
M Fulcher 60 60 Gardening Community Garden
EALC 1284.54 1284.54 Annual subs
Heelis and Lodge 260 260 Internal audit fee
Clear Business 31.12 5.19 25.93 Telephone
Zen Internet 70.8 11.8 59 broadband feb mar
Zen Internet 35.4 5.9 29.5 Broadband apr
Wave 47.42 47.42 Water Bill
CNG 24.74 credit  bal Gas
Opus Energy 22.14 1.05 21.09 Electric
Copy It Digital 22.9 22.9 Photocopier
M K Moore 20 20 Window Cleaning
Mile End Methodist Church 23 23 Meeting fees Mar
EALC 50 50 GDPR Training
6726.31 109.06 6592.51

Wednesday 30TH May 2018 at 7.30pm at Mile End Methodist Church Hall
Nayland Road Mile End Colchester.
The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th May at Mile End
Methodist Church Hall Nayland Road Mile End Colchester commencing at 7.30pm.
The Chairman asked for the Chairman of all committees to submit reports for this
Meeting ASAP.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.08pm.