Minutes 27th September 2017

The Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 27TH September 2017 at Mile End Methodist Church Hall Nayland Road Colchester, commencing at 7.30pm

Council Members present
Chairman: Councillor J L Stewart Yes
Vice Chairman: Councillor M Goss Yes

Councillor Ms. P Bacon Yes
Councillor Miss C Bailey Yes
Councillor R Beauchamp Yes
Councillor Mrs C Clouston Yes
Councillor D Clouston Yes
Councillor Ms de Smith Yes
Councillor J Dickson Yes
Councillor Mrs H Dryburgh Yes
Councillor A Ellis Yes
Councillor Ms L Gray No
Councillor A Hayman Yes
Councillor P Hewitt Yes
Councillor Mrs A Jay Yes
Councillor R Johnstone Yes
Councillor D King Yes

Staff Present: Locum Clerk to the Council Denise Humphris
Assistant Clerk Katherine Kane

087/17 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE RESOLVED: to accept apologies from Councillor Ms L Gray.

088/17 RESOLVED: (unanimously) to co-opt Mrs M de Smith to the vacant Council seat. The Clerk received her Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the minutes as a true record for signature by the Chairman (previously circulated)

RESOLVED: (unanimously) to acknowledge receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings:
a) Planning and Development Committee
b) Resources Policy and Strategy Committee

092/17 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION No members of the public were present.

Councillor Goss reported on encroachment issues at Lexden Dyke with people camped in the woods. He has been liaising with landowners and Borough Council Zone Wardens to try to help resolve the issues.
A question was raised about the completion of roads at Rosewood and Councillor Goss advised that these were scheduled to be completed early in 2018.

094/17 CLERK’S REPORT Nothing to report


Chairman’s Report: The Chairman submitted a written report which had been circulated before the meeting. It was suggested that all members may wish to consider submitting their reports in writing beforehand for future meetings.
The Chairman advised that he has accepted an invitation from the Mayor of Colchester to attend the Annual Oyster Feast.

Environment Matters: Councillor Beauchamp gave a brief update on recent liaison meetings with local health providers and has established that it is population growth that is the main stress on the Health Service.

Business Plan: Councillor King advised that the communications plan was being reviewed and should be ready in October 2017. Further work is taking place with regards social media and a new website and a new supplier has been given a design brief with a possible re-vamp of the existing site likely during October/November. The Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee are continuing to monitor the Community Action Plan and would like help to identify ideas which would fit into the framework of the plan; for example identifying patches of land where trees may be planted or which may be suitable for benches or play equipment.

Health Authority: Councillor Goss advised on recent meeting with Local Health Authority and particularly talks about future health service plans to ensure these are aligned to the growth of Colchester. It had been agreed that Superfast Broadband was a key element.

MakeLunch Project: Councillor Mrs Jay reported that the project had been a success with 2 schools involved providing 101 meals with left overs providing meals for the next day. Myland Community Council had provided £150 funding for the Hall Hire and it was hoped the project could continue in the future and could expand to different venues.

Planning: Councillor Hewitt advised that there are attempts to obtain a Memorandum of Understanding between the Council and the developers relating to the proposed Village Green. Liaison had taken place with Mersea Homes to try to resolve the issues with rubbish in the gardens in front of flats in Nayland Road. A design brief for the Neighbourhood Hub is being looked at.

Neighbourhood Plan Group: Councillor Hewitt advised that plans are being made to map footpaths and cycle routes

Facebook: Councillor Ms Dryburgh continues to monitor this and engagement is improving.

Summer Fete Councillor Hayman expressed appreciation to the staff of the Council and all colleagues for all of their hard work to ensure this event was a success.

Litter bins: Councillor Mrs Bacon advised that more litter bins were needed at the end of Boxted Road.

Dementia Friends sessions: Councillor Mrs Bacon advised that she would like to see more work towards a dementia friendly community and advised that there are some sessions at the Methodist Hall in October/November.

Health Matters Councillor Mrs Bacon raised concerns about a poor CQC report for a local mental health hospital.

Bus Shelters: Councillor Ellis was very pleased with the new Bus Shelter on the Chesterwell development.

IT Drop in sessions : The Assistant Clerk advised of Colchester Borough Council drop in IT training session to be held at Myland Community Council office on 4th October 2017 from 9.30 – 10.30.

Myland Access Group

Fete Review: There was good support from Council staff and the gazebo was used to promote local Public Rights of Way – it is planned to do the same at next summer’s event.

Boxing Day Walk: This is planned again this year. Further details to follow.

Fords Lane Recreation Ground: litter from footballers is a problem and there is liaison with Steve Collis at Colchester Borough Council to see what can be done.

Public Rights of Way: Currently surveying the network of local Rights of Way to ensure waymarkers and signposts are in place and/or replaced where missing.

Planning and Development: Continuing to follow issues relating to shared cycle/footpaths and to ensure that Public Rights of Way are not lost.

a) Bank Signatories
RESOLVED: to approve Cllr Mrs Alison Jay as a new Bank signatory with online access and the Locum Clerk and Assistant Clerk to be authorised to sign up for online banking access. With only one bank signatory present at the meeting it was RESOLVED: that if no other solution can be found as an absolute exception the payments may be made with one signature on this occasion only.
b) Invoices for August/September
RESOLVED: to approve the invoices totalling £ 11355.83 for August and £6315.61 for September for payment as detailed below.

August 2017

Staff costs 4056.64 4056.64 August staff costs
Hospital Radio 180 180 Myland Fete
D King 30.16 30.16 JS Bench unveil
J L Stewart 112 112 £100 chair allowance + expenses
C Clouston 70 70 Mylander
C Pearne 232 232 Mylander
Green Square    Communications 2342 2342 Mylander
TDT Enterprises 101.99 17 84.99 Alarm repairs
M&K Gardens 170 170 Gardener
Mile End Methodist Church 23 23 Meeting Fees
Colchester Hospital 1000 1000 Time Garden Grant
H Harris 370 370 Float for fete
C Hibbert 15 15 Refund re fete
CNG Power 22.25 1.06 21.19 Gas supply
Opus Energy 23.58 1.12 22.46 Electric
Titan Telecom 38.68 6.45 32.23 Telephone
MCC (Lloyds) 2568.53 2568.53 Myland Fete

Wednesday 25th October 2017 at 7.30pm at Mile End Methodist Church Hall Nayland Road Mile End Colchester.