Minutes 29th November 2017

The Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 29TH November 2017 at Mile End Methodist Church Hall Nayland Road Colchester, commencing at 7.30pm

Council Members present Present
Chairman: Councillor J L Stewart Yes
Vice Chairman: Councillor M Goss Yes

Councillor Ms. P Bacon Yes
Councillor Miss C Bailey Yes
Councillor R Beauchamp Yes
Councillor Mrs C Clouston Yes
Councillor D Clouston Yes
Councillor Ms de Smith Yes
Councillor J Dickson Yes
Councillor Mrs H Dryburgh No
Councillor A Ellis Yes
Councillor Ms L Gray No
Councillor A Hayman Yes
Councillor P Hewitt Yes
Councillor Mrs A Jay Yes
Councillor R Johnstone No
Councillor D King Yes

Staff Present: Locum Clerk to the Council Denise Humphris
Assistant Clerk Katherine Kane
I member of the public

112/17 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE RESOLVED: to accept apologies from Councillor Ms H Dryburgh


RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the minutes as a true record for signature by the Chairman (previously circulated)

It was reported that the sign in Mill Road pointing to the Methodist Church has disappeared. As this is an Essex County Council Highways sign this query should be directed to them
A question was raised about the final figures for the Fete and it was advised that we are working on this matter and they will be available soon.

RESOLVED: (unanimously) to acknowledge receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings:
a) Planning and Development Committee 1st November 2017
b) Resources Policy and Strategy Committee 9th November 2017
(i) RESOLVED: to accept the recommendation and approve the middle quote received for painting and decorating of MCC Office.
(ii) RESOLVED: to accept the recommendation for new office opening hours which include two Saturday morning per month and will mean that the office will be closed all day on a Thursday.
(iii) Membership of the Planning and Licensing Committee: RESOLVED: to approve existing membership as follows: Councillors Stewart, Dickson, Gray, Hewitt, Jay and Johnstone. There is one vacant seat on the committee but no applications were received to join. Members noted the Terms of Reference for the committee which set out delegated powers of the Committee.
(iv) Membership of the Resources Policy and Strategy Committee. RESOLVED: to approve existing membership as follows: Councillors Hewitt, Jay, Beauchamp, D Clouston and King. It was further RESOLVED: to appoint Councillor Ms C Bailey to the committee with immediate effect. Members noted the Terms of Reference for the Committee which set out delegated powers and delegated spending powers of the Committee.
(v) Membership of the Community Engagement Committee. RESOLVED: to approve membership as follows: Councillors Bacon, Dryburgh, Bailey, de Smith and Ellis. This new committee will consider Terms of Reference at their first meeting.

The Clerk reported that an enquiry had been received about poppies being left on the War Memorial which has been dealt with in accordance with this Council’s previously agreed policy.

Councillor Goss reported that he has been working with the hospital over their new extension and particularly traffic issues caused by building contractors parking which has now been resolved. He will shortly be attending a meeting to discuss the integration of County Hospital services.

Chairman’s Report: The Chairman submitted a written report which had been circulated before the meeting. See appendix 1.
Patients Participation Group Mill Road – Councillor Jay reported on her attendance at this meeting and advised that the surgery is currently looking at arrangements for 8am – 8pm working. They are looking at ways of meeting the CQC requirements and thanked the Council for their help in advertising the flu jab recently.

Northern Gateway Sports Facility – Councillor Dickson reported on his attendance at this meeting and advised that new facilities will be centred on team and club sports such as Football, Rugby, Cycling and American Football with nothing being offered for individual sports or casual users. He expressed disappointment that there would be no Tennis facilities. He reported that issues regarding roads and access had been discussed and Essex County Council were looking at developing the road leading up to the sports centre but there would be no bridge over the A12.There had been further suggestions about shuttle buses being provided from town to alleviate traffic. Councillor Hewitt advised that the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group were looking at various options to provide Tennis Courts locally.

Parsons Heath Medical Centre – Councillor Hayman advised that CQC inspectors are currently on site and that following concerns from patients about long queues and waiting times for the flu jab an appointment system will be put in place next year.

Colchester Community Stadium – Councillor Mrs Clouston attended the Community Benefit Panel meeting and advised that they are keen to work with the Council to improve business as footfall is down. They have a piece of land that may be able to be made available for public Tennis Courts and Councillor Hewitt already has a site meeting arranged to discuss this further. There has also been a suggestion for a professional climbing wall and the stadium is delighted that they will have Little Mix playing there next summer.
Councillor Bacon advised that there had been some traffic problems on 27th November when the England Ladies football team had been playing and that more signposting and car parking was needed. There were concerns that traffic may get worse when the new Northern Gateway Entertainment complex is open but there is a traffic plan in place and plans to make more use of the Park and Ride facility to provide parking.

Neighbourhood Plan Group – Councillor Hewitt submitted a written report which had been circulated before the meeting (Appendix 2) Councillor King advised that there had been exchanges about the need for a Colchester Transport Strategy which was being looked at with scoping options and choices, for which it was felt a Council view should be expressed.

RESOLVED: that this Council are happy with the offer from the Methodist Church to store the Stain Glass Windows on behalf of MCC in their committee room. These are currently exposed to the elements in the MCC office garden and will be moved as soon as possible.

RESOLVED: to approve the monthly list of payments totalling £13066.26 as follows:

staff costs 3574.55 3574.55 November staff costs Employment Costs
Clear Business 24.79 4.13 20.66 Telephone Oct
BT 72.36 72.36 Broadband
Opus Energy 22.68 1.08 21.6 Electric
Clear Business 22.55 3.76 18.79 Telephone Nov
PWLB 6169.16 6169.16 Loan repayment re property
E&J Security 58.82 9.81 49.01 Fire ext. annual service
EALC 60 60 Charles Arnold Baker Book
Green Square Communications 2342 2342 Mylander printing
MKM Cleaning 80 80 Gutters and windows
Future Electrical 186 31 155 Replace broken office lights
Copy It Digital 28.19 4.7 23.49 Photocopying
M Fulcher £80 80 Gardening
Mile End Methodist Church 23 23 Meeting fee
D King 30.16 30.16 Expenses re memorial bench refreshments
c Pearne 232 232 Mylander delivery
K Kane 60 60 Office cleaning

Wednesday 20th December 2017 at 7.30pm at Mile End Methodist Church Hall Nayland Road Mile End Colchester.

Chairman’s Report November 2017

The last month has been an extremely busy one for our Clerks who have managed, in a short space of time, to sort out our office space. Particular thanks must go to Denise who, with her band of helpers, has given up two weekends to fill our skip(s). Over and above this a review of all our Standing Orders and policies is ongoing. I am also aware that the RP&S committee have sat long hours at their last two meetings in order to ensure important items were either prepared for Council or ratified in committee. I am grateful for this extra work.

On Sunday 12th November, I attended the Remembrance Service at St Michael’s Church and afterwards laid a wreath on the Myland War Memorial on behalf of this Council. It was my first such service as Chairman and I was honoured to be able to carry out this task. It was moving to see the number of children participating and how respectful they were. I must also comment on how smart and tidy the War Memorial was and thanks again to Silvertons for the donated gravel.

This month I had one of our regular meetings with the Severalls Consortium. Work is progressing as planned. The matter of the absent fence bordering the St Aubyn Centre and Bloor Homes properties has been passed to Planning Enforcement. It must be stressed that this matter has arisen through no fault of Bloor Homes. The first replacement wooden Airing Shelter has been built by a specialist company and will be in situ shortly and others will be commissioned throughout the build. This retains another element of the old hospital. The Toucan Crossing on the NAR near junction with Boxted Road is now operational. The Consortium is doing a tremendous amount of pro bono work for the Headway Facility including replacing their Gas Main and providing fibre broadband amongst items already reported. In a time of adverse press for builders, this work for the local community is to be heartily commended.

As colleagues will be aware the advert for the vacant position of Clerk to the Council has been approved by the RP&S and sent out. Dependent on the number of applications, the procedures involved will, of necessity, take some time before a final candidate is selected. It is important that recruitment procedures are fully adhered to and transparent.

Finally, on Friday 22nd December 2017, which is the last working day before Christmas for the Council, there will be Sherry (coffee/tea) and Mince Pies between 12 noon and 2:00 pm in the Council Offices. It would be a good opportunity to pop in and chat to our Clerks and with your fellow Councillors. There will be no cost involved to the Council on this.
Cllr John Stewart

Appendix 2 Myland Community Council 29th November 2017
Report to MCC November 2017
The Group re-affirmed its desire to stay as a working group rather than seek support to become a Committee. It continues to see its role as overseeing the Plan’s various policies and projects and to work with MCC’s other committees and working groups to initiate actions considered necessary.
Further investigations were agreed into how MCC might use layered maps to highlight various aspects of the Parish and close neighbouring areas for e.g. cycle paths, amenity locations and green spaces. It was also agreed to re-visit past work on ‘assets of community value’. This is where MCC could identify such assets as, e.g. shops, halls, green spaces that might one day become vacant and put on the market. Should this happen and provided MCC has successfully registered the assets with CBC we would have first choice within a limited period to place a bid on acquiring the asset. However, more work needs to be done on the merits of doing this.
Through Catherine Clouston’s attendance at liaison meetings with the Weston Homes Stadium MCC has been asked to input to possible ideas for a small parcel of land next to the Stadium and Boxted Road. The Stadium representative has asked for a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan which has been supplied following which members of the Group will meet at the site for an initial discussion.
It was agreed that it is now time to request CBC to share the initial results from air quality monitoring in Bergholt Road. Coincidentally, air quality was one of the issues raised in a 2012 MCC paper sent to CBC and ECC regarding a Draft Transport Strategy for north Colchester. On reviewing the background to this paper and bearing in mind it is known that discussions are currently underway on this topic between our County Councillor and ECC the Group agreed a route should be found for that MCC paper to be input to the discussions.
Pete Hewitt