Minutes of Council meeting – 27 February 2019

Minutes of the meeting of the Community Council held on Wednesday 27thFebruary 2019, 7.30pm, at Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester.



Cllr Pete Hewitt (Chairman)                                           Yes

Cllr Martin Goss (Vice-Chairman)                                   Yes

Cllr Pauline Bacon                                                         Yes

Cllr Clare Bailey                                                             Yes

Cllr Richard Beauchamp                                                Yes

Cllr Stewart Calver                                                        No

Cllr Catherine Clouston                                                  Yes

Cllr David Clouston                                                        Yes

Cllr Marina de Smith                                                     Yes

Cllr John Dickson                                                           Yes

Cllr Alan Hayman                                                          Yes

Cllr Alison Jay                                                                Yes

Cllr Robert Johnstone                                                    Yes

Cllr David King                                                               Yes

Cllr John Stewart                                                           Yes


The Clerk


There were six members of the public present.

Colchester Borough Councillor Gerard Oxford, Ward Councillor for Highwoods, also attended.


102-18/19        To receive apologies for absence


Apologies had been received from Cllr Calver.

Resolved: to accept Cllr Calver’s apologies (work commitments).


103-18/19        Declarations of Interest

No Declarations of Interest were declared.


104-18/19        Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on 30thJanuary 2019

Resolved: to approve the minutes as a true record for signature by the Chairman


105-18/19        Have Your Say – Public Participation

To receive questions/comments/queries from members of the public present at the meeting.

Cllr Gerard Oxford referred to Item 109-18/19. He said he had been involved with this issue since 2012 as the Northern Gateway development had moved forward. He said he and his fellow ward councillors had been lobbying for the retention of the Rugby Club building and open space. He said he was delighted that the open space had been included in the Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan and he thanked MCC for their work on this.


He said the issue was now the clubhouse. He said CBC’s plan was now for CBC to lease the building on a 250 yearlease to MCC, who would then sublet to the Diocese of Chelmsford.


He said there would be a cost to refurbish the building and to reconfigure the ground floor.


He said that MCC could consider using part of the ground floor as an office and meeting room, and could use the top floor for full Council meetings. He said his suggestion would be that this could be written into the lease.


He said the Diocese was already working in Highwoods and were looking for more facilities.


He said the refurbishment costs were set at £250,000. He said as Ward Councillor for Highwoods he had £125,000 to put into the pot as he had been setting aside monies since 2012.


He said if MCC contributed £75,000 he was confident that the remainder could be forthcoming from CBC.


A resident asked if there was any news on the proposed supermarket on the Chesterwell development.


The Chairman said there was nothing confirmed as yet. He said liaison would continue with the developers.


106-18/19        Minutes of Committee Meetings


Receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings was acknowledged.


  1. Planning and Highways Committee – meeting held on 6thFebruary 2019
  2. Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee – meeting held on 19thFebruary 2019.
  3. To agree to adopt the revised MCC Health and Safety Policy as recommended by the Committee


It was unanimously agreedto adopt the revised MCC Health and Safety Policy as recommended by the Committee.


  1. Community Engagement Committee – no minutes to receive


107-18/19        To receive the Clerk’s Report


The Clerk said there were eight applicants for the post of Editor of the Mylander and that this would be taken forward as quickly as possible.                  


108-18/19        To receive the Ward and County Councillors’ Reports


Cllr Goss said snagging had been completed on Northfields. He said everything was very positive and adoption of the roads on the estate was in sight.


Cllr King referred to the congestion issue on the NAR and Mill Road. He said the longstanding plan had been to do work to improve the turn from the NAR on to the A134 going north, and from the NAR on to Mill Road going south. He said preliminary work to clear scrub from the area would start in June/July 2019 and that Mersea Homes would be funding this. He said further details would follow.


109-18/19        Rugby Club and Village Green


  1. To receive a briefing on the current position


The briefing on the current position was received from Cllr Stewart.


He said the Village Green was included within the Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan.


He said a design for the Green had been received from CBC’s landscape designers at no cost to MCC. He said this design was not necessarily of benefit to Myland, and would be costly to maintain, and at present there was no agreement as to who would fund maintenance. He suggested it would be possible for MCC to look for its own design advice, and that money was set aside in the budget for maintenance and legal fees. He said the lease for the Green would be at least 100 years, and that once MCC were in possession procedure could be followed to register as an official Village Green.


He said the Rugby Club building was scheduled for demolition but there was pressure from Highwoods councillors for its use as a community building. He said he and Cllr Hewitt had met with CBC who had offered to lease the building over to MCC with permission to lease to a third party. He said this offer had come out of the blue with no provisionfor fees or costings. He said meetings had been held with the Diocese of Chelmsford who were considering leasing the whole building for use on projects addressing social exclusion. He said a café similar to the one in Highwoods Square could be included as well as provision for an office and meeting room for MCC should this be required.


He said MCC have made it clear that a full building survey addressing all issues and the costs expected to be borne by MCC would be required. He said the survey done already was not adequate. He said in the near future MCC would be asked to look at the heads of terms for the lease, and that in his opinion legal advice on this should be sought. He said costs for this had been set aside in the budget.


He said no commitment was being sought from MCC at this time under this agenda item, but only whether the Council wished to carry on with the project, with negotiations being carried out by the Cllrs currently involved, with the option to withdraw in the future, should satisfactory terms not be forthcoming.


  1. To consider and possibly agree that MCC’s view on the Rugby Club building proposal is as follows:

MCC will be pleased to receive a formal, fully-costed business case regarding its potential involvement in the Rugby Club building project in due course. The business case should clearly state the costs, benefits and possible financial risks to MCC on behalf of the community.


An amendment to the motion was proposed as follows:


MCC will be pleased to receive a formal, fully-costed business case regarding its potential involvement in the Rugby Club building project in due course. The business case should clearly state the costs, benefits and possible financial risks to MCC on behalf of the community, together with the names of potential stakeholders.


It was agreed to amend the motion as proposed.


Proposed: Cllr Hayman                Seconded: Cllr Goss    (12 For; 1 Against; 1 Abstention)


It was agreed that MCC will be pleased to receive a formal, fully-costed business case regarding its potential involvement in the Rugby Club building project in due course. The business case should clearly state the costs, benefits and possible financial risks to MCC on behalf of the community, together with the names of potential stakeholders.


Proposed: Cllr Hewitt                   Seconded: Cllr Hayman(10 For; 1 Against; 3 Abstentions)



110-18/19        Reports from Members


To receive the following reports:

  1. Report from Chairman

There was no report from the Chairman.


  1. Reports from Working Groups

Myland Access Group

Cllr Johnstone said the Group had met that morning. He said he had discussed with the Chairman of the Council the impasse regarding footpath diversions in the parish. He said they had agreed a Memorandum of Understanding between ECC and MCC might be worth pursuing, as would be one with CBC regarding PRoWs.


He said the topic of shared footway/cycleways had also been discussed.


He referred to the Great British Spring Clean to take place from 22ndmarch to 22ndApril 2019 and said dates were being arranged for events.


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Cllr Hewitt said the Group had carried out a review of the Plan’s objectives and policies against progress. He said he would circulate an update to members of the Group and then to all Councillors. He said items had been identified which would be taken to the Planning and Highways Committee as the appropriate forum for debate.



  1. Reports from Councillors


Cllr C Clouston offered thanks to Cllr Goss for the newly-installed disabled access to the Fords Lane Recreation ground, and asked when the access on the opposite side of the ground would be done.


Cllr Goss said the current access was part of phase one, and was designed to prevent motorbikes gaining access to the ground. He said this would be allowed to settle and feedback obtained before phase two was implemented but that funding was available.


Cllr C Clouston referred to Fords Lane and the speed with which people drove down it. She asked if CBC could monitor this, or if MCC could take action.


Cllr Hewitt said MCC could communicate with the leagues using the ground to address this problem.


Cllr Hayman referred to the Honorary Freeman of Myland scheme and asked that consideration of a nominee should be placed on the agenda for March, with the discussion to take place in a closed session.


Cllr Dickson referred to the proposed Chesterwell Wood. He said the developers had cut down trees and erected fences. He said he was still waiting for information.


Cllr Hewitt said he would continue to chase for this from CBC.


Cllr Bailey asked if progress had been made on the extra lighting in Fords Lane.


Cllr Hewitt said he was attending a meeting the following day after which appropriate action could be taken. He said this and similar issues would also be considered under the Neighbourhood Plan review.


Cllr Beauchamp referred to the fences on Chesterwell Wood and said he believed there was now too much clutter, which was inevitable but regrettable.


Cllr Bacon said community meetings had been held with panels of speakers. She referred to the issue of defibrillators across the parish.


Cllr King said Trees for Years would be held on 9thMarch 2019.


Cllr Goss said there were three new defibrillators coming to Myland: at the Braiswick Park Community Room, at McDonalds and at the changing rooms on the Fords lane Recreation Ground.


Cllr Stewart thanked Cllr de Smith for the competition publicised for photographs of bulbs given out last November.


111-18/19        Finance and Payments


To confirm approval of invoices received and paid and to consider approval of other invoices.


Approval was confirmed for payment of the following invoices:


Proposed: Cllr Stewart               Seconded: Cllr Jay                     (Unanimous)


Various Staff costs – February £2,604.60
Zen Internet Office – Broadband £35.40
CNG Utilities – Gas £129.38
M & K Gardens Office – Gardening £40.00
Opus Energy Utilities – Electricity £25.52
Mile End Methodist Church Hall Meeting – January £23.00
Glebe Farm Hedging Greening the Parish £1,016.95
Cliff Pearne Mylander delivery £300.00
Whitehill Direct Ltd Noticeboard door £245.15
David Ogilvie Engineering Lest We Forget Bench £971.40
Rainbow Parent & Toddlers Group Fete profits – distribution £150.00
Rainbow Pre-School Fete profits – distribution £150.00
Myland Pre-School Fete profits – distribution £150.00
1st Myland Brownies Fete profits – distribution £150.00
2nd Myland Brownies Fete profits – distribution £150.00
1st Myland Rainbows Fete profits – distribution £150.00
2nd Myland Rainbows Fete profits – distribution £150.00
1st Myland Guides Fete profits – distribution £150.00
2nd Myland Guides Fete profits – distribution £150.00
1st Myland Scouts Fete profits – distribution £150.00
Young at Heart Fete profits – distribution £150.00
Colne Endeavour Band Fete profits – distribution £150.00
Great Horkesley Table Tennis Club Fete profits – distribution £150.00
Vic Tallowin Installation of defibrillator £200.00
Total £7,541.40




112-18/19        Date and Time of Next Meeting: Wednesday 27thMarch 2019, 7.30pm at the Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5ET.


The meeting closed at 9.15pm.