Minutes of the Annual Community Council Meeting 25th July 2018

The Minutes of the Annual Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 25th July 2018 at Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester, commencing at 7.30pm

Council Members present
Chairman: Councillor P. Hewitt Yes
Vice Chairman: Councillor M Goss Yes

Councillor Ms. P Bacon Yes
Councillor Miss C Bailey Yes
Councillor R Beauchamp Yes
Councillor Mrs C Clouston Yes
Councillor D Clouston Yes
Councillor Ms de Smith Yes
Councillor J Dickson Yes
Councillor S Calver No
Councillor A Ellis No
Councillor D King Yes
Councillor A Hayman Yes
Councillor J Stewart Yes
Councillor Mrs A Jay Yes
Councillor R Johnstone Yes

Staff Present: Clerk to the Council Denise Humphris
No members of the public were present

035/18 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE RESOLVED: to accept apologies from Chairman
Councillors Calver and Ellis.


037/18 MINUTES OF THE COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON 27th June 2018 RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the minutes (previously circulated) as a
true record for signature by the Chairman.


The receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings was formally
a) Planning and Highways Committee: meeting held 6th July 2018
b) Community Engagement Committee: meetings held on 18th July 2018.
c) Resources Policy and Strategy Committee: meeting held on 4th July 2018
RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the following recommendations
contained therein.
(i) General Data Protection: Councillors noted advice re Data Protection
rules as it applies to information held on personal computers and
in files at home. RESOLVED: to approve privacy policies for members
of the public and staff and councillors and the generic consent form
for use in any community Engagement exercises.
(ii) To note the financial update from the RP&S minutes.

Nothing to report

Borough Councillor Martin Goss advised that a £25000 deep clean is going on in
the Town Centre, with around 10 days work, which will not include weekends.
New ‘hot wash’ cleaning equipment is coming in and it is hoped that cleaning can
Extend to North Station Road and surrounding areas. More staff have been
recruited to make the Community Zone Team operational for 7 days a week. There
has been some damage to street furniture due to World Cup celebrations.
A query was raised as to whether fast food outlets have to contribute to cleaning
up and Councillor Goss replied that Colchester is currently recruiting a Town Centre
Manager and local businesses will have to contribute to this cost. Ultimately it is
up to individuals to help keep the streets tidy and put rubbish in the bins and
plans are in place to look at enforcing this. Councillor Mrs Clouston recently met
with the Town Centre Manager at Salisbury where the town has been transformed
and has passed contact details to the relevant Colchester Borough Council contact.
Borough Councillor David King reported that Councillor Goss has his full backing
and he continues to pursue opportunities to improve life for residents.
Enforcement is an important part of getting rid of poor behaviour and
working towards restoring pride in the town.

Written reports were received from the following councillors:
Chairman Councillor P Hewitt. – Thanked the outgoing Clerk and welcomed the
newly appointed Clerk who will take up post on 1st August 2018.
Further thanks given to Councillor Johnstone and the Myland Access Group team
who have volunteered to assist in tidying up and cleaning a Commonwealth War
Grave in the cemetery in time for end of WW1 100-year commemorations.
Councillor Hewitt advised that use of the office premises at Nayland Road, other
than for use as an office may need further planning permission consents and
would need risk assessments and Health and Safety assessments to ensure
facilities are up to scratch for public use before considering such things.
Councillor Johnstone reported on the Myland Access Group which has cleared
the bottom end of Footpath 54, with some further work needed. A successful
litter pick took place on Saturday 21st July 2018.
The Chairman reported that the Neighbourhood Plan Group’s next meeting will
be in August.
Councillor D Clouston reported on the recruitment process which has led to the
Assistant Clerk Katherine Kane being appointed as Clerk to the Council and
Responsible Finance Officer with effect from 1st August 2018.He thanked Councillor
de Smith for assisting on interview days with the ‘office test;’ for all
candidates. He advised that there had been 17 applications, 6 were chosen for
interview and two withdrew their applications and/or did not turn up for the
interview. The four remaining candidates were of a very high calibre and it was a
unanimous decision by the interview Panel of The Chairman, Councillor Jay and
Councillor D Clouston to appoint Ms Kane. A question was asked about a
Replacement for the Assistant Clerk and councillors were advised that
resourcing needs are being assessed.
Councillor Mrs Clouston has met with Weston Homes Community Stadium who are
Now known as Job Serve. She has contact details and has asked about support for
the fete. They are keen to be involved but have to balance and consider their
business and community operations before making any commitments. Councillor
Mrs Clouston advised that the next Mylander is being prepared and deadlines will
be met.
Councillor D Clouston and Councillor Mrs Clouston advised that they both recently
attended the Councillor Training Day which was very good, and they will be
attending the Day 2 course in November. Councillor D Clouston advised that he
was pleasantly surprised to find that recent advice given by the Clerk that he had
disagreed with, was in fact correct advice from the Clerk.
Councillor Bailey reported on recent community matters include problem with a
man exposing himself in the Churchyard and a homeless person camped there.
Both matters have been dealt with by the appropriate authorities.
Councillor Dickson reported that he had recently attended a Highways England
event which had been to make local councils aware of forthcoming road repairs
and road closures.
Councillor Bacon advised that she had attended the Councillors Code of Conduct
Course and that she had been speaking to the Methodist Church and has been
Offered the Church Hall free of charge once a month for Community
Engagement events. Thigs she is looking at are: Dementia Friendly training; talk
From the Community Policing Officer; Talk from local First responders. She is also
interested in looking at the possibility of providing a local de-fibrillator.
Councillor Beauchamp advised that December 1970 saw the first ‘Earth Overshoot
Day’, when the planet had consumed all resources which would take 1 year to
replenish. The 2018 ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ will be in August.
Councillor King reported on developer/resident issues at the Rosewood estate
with residents reporting long standing issues around doors and windows. These
should be reported to himself and Councillor Goss who are able to offer solutions.
He reported that whilst lots of people are happy at the Chesterwell and Severalls
Developments there are issues around transport but that there will be
Opportunities to seek easement of the current issues further down the line in
Councillor King further talked about the Colchester Orbital Walkway which
connects paths, lanes and green spaces around Colchester and advised that he is
continuing to pursue funding for a Mile End mapping project. Councillor King
will circulate the link for the Colchester Orbital Walk with information about
places to walk.
Councillor Goss reported that two members of the waste crew were assaulted
today in separate incidents which are being dealt with by the Police.
Councillor Jay reported that the first of 6 ‘Make Lunch events will be happening
On 26th July. 30 families are registered, and they are reporting 20 – 30 at each
Councillor Jay reported that she and Councillor de Smith attended the recent
Mayor’s reception where they met with councillors from other councils and the
New Colchester Borough Council leader who is intending to visit every parish.
He encouraged Myland Councillors to use their Borough Councillors Goss and King
to raise any issues through the Borough Council with him.
Councillor de Smith reported on attendance at the Mile End school fete along with
Councillors Johnstone and Beauchamp. They had encouraged visitors to write
Down whet they did and didn’t like about Myland and it was noted that many
parents were asking for activities for older teenage children – for example a
skatepark. Councillor Hewitt advised that this is something that we should keep
in mind as and when any further sites become available.
Councillor de Smith reported that she continues to pursue Queen Boudica school’s
Caretaker to put up the shared Noticeboard so that it can be used again.
Councillor de Smith reported that preparations for the fete were going well.
Councillor Johnstone reported that he had recently attended a certificated Risk
Assessment course and was now qualified to do Risk Assessments.
He further reported on his attendance at the Larger Local Council Forum where the
Guest speaker was Deputy Police Commissioner Jane Gardner. The was also a
Presentation from the Essex County Council Cabinet Member for environment and
Councillor Hayman advised that vandals had pushed over the bin besides the
Noticeboard the he looks after, but he has now fixed this.

Councillor Goss thanked Councillor Clouston for the well written document which
had been circulated outlining this Council’s options and suggested strategy with
regards to potential new Community Centres at Severalls and Chesterwell.
MCC actively supports the emergence (or re-emergence) of a local community
group to form a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that will bid to operate
whichever of the Community Centres is ready first
MCC supports the Charitable Incorporated Organisation in identifying what
community needs can best be met in the Centre(s)
MCC facilitates the CIO’s engagement with key stakeholders at every stage •
MCC provides appropriate financial support, where necessary
MCC actively promotes the Centre(s) at all times

Documents were circulated before the meeting setting out arguments for reducing
the number of Myland Community Councillors from 17 to 13, and a paper setting
out counter arguments for maintain the number at 17.
Detailed discussion ensued and:
the following points were made in favour of the reduction in numbers:
Colchester Borough Council would be supportive of the reduction and it would be
possible to do this in time for May 2019 elections
A reduction to 13 councillors would fit better with the standard ratio of 1 councillor
to 2000 electors. With 10000 electors it would not be practical to reduce to 5
councillors for this busy Parish but 13 councillors would be a reduction towards the
Reduction would be in line with Boundary Commission guidelines.
That the Council should be run as a Core Management group with volunteers
recruited to help with specific projects who do not necessarily need to be councillors.
Would lead to more contested elections hence ensuring future use of General
Power of Competence and ability to work towards Quality Council awards.
The following points were made in favour of retaining councillor numbers at 17:
The smaller ward at Myland has historically led to unopposed elections so no
reason to suppose that less councillors would definitely lead to elected councillors.
Council has many worthwhile projects underway, and an active Community
Engagement group which would ultimately lead to more work for fewer
councillors. This might lead to dissatisfaction and more resignations and therefore co-opted rather than elected councillors.
Thriving parish with steadily increasing population should not be thinking about
Shrinking councillor representation.
The debate digressed to:
Questions about ward boundaries:
It was explained that when Myland Council was first created in 1999, it had to take
a small part of Highwoods into its boundary to have sufficient elector numbers to
create a new council. Hence the creation of East Ward which represents this area
and Westward which represents the rest of Myland. A growing population at
Myland may mean a boundary review could now take place to remove the
Highwoods part of the ward but this would be a discussion/debate for another
time if felt necessary.
Discussions about building capacity of officers:
Time to consider more staff and or more hours to enable the Council to deliver
existing and new projects with councillors taking lead management roles on
rather than having to actually ‘do’ associated tasks themselves.
Discussions about potential for a skills audit when looking at applicants for
Some felt this would be a good idea and others felt it would be undemocratic as
those standing for election do not have to demonstrate any particular skill set.
The Chairman summed up all points made and advised that whatever the outcome
with regards councillor numbers, this would seem to be a good time to re-think
what we do, and how we do it with a vision for moving forward which would
include reviewing resources available which is more complex than just looking at
councillor numbers.
It was proposed that the Council should instigate the process to reduce councillor
Numbers from 17 to 13. The vote was not carried with 5 in favour, 7 against and
2 abstensions and therefore councillor numbers will remain at 17.

a) Payment of Invoices
RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the list of payments for July 2018
totalling £5280.78 as follows:

Staff costs 4006.48 4006.48
M Fulcher 229.99 229.99
Clear Business 23.5 3.92 19.58
CNG 26.8 1.28 25.52
Zen Internet 35.4 5.9 29.5
Opus Energy 20.37 0.97 19.4
Copy It Digital 22.9 22.9
Bargain Host 64.66 10.78 53.88
Mile End Methodist Church 23 23
mkm Cleaning Solutions 20 20
Myland Toddlers 700 700
Open Spaces Society 45 45
Robert Johnstone 21.2 21.2
Marina de Smith 20.48 20.48

Wednesday 29th August 2018 at 7.30pm at Mile End Methodist Church Hall
Nayland Road Mile End Colchester.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 pm.