Minutes of the Annual Community Council Meeting 30th May 2018

The Minutes of the Annual Community Council Meeting held on Wednesday 30th May 2018 at Mile End Methodist Church Hall, Nayland Road, Colchester, commencing at 7.30pm

Council Members present
Chairman: Councillor P. Hewitt Yes
Vice Chairman: Councillor M Goss Yes

Councillor Ms. P Bacon Yes
Councillor Miss C Bailey Yes
Councillor R Beauchamp Yes
Councillor Mrs C Clouston Yes
Councillor D Clouston Yes
Councillor Ms de Smith Yes
Councillor J Dickson No
Councillor S Calver Yes
Councillor A Ellis Yes
Councillor Ms L Gray No
Councillor A Hayman Yes
Councillor J Stewart Yes
Councillor Mrs A Jay Yes
Councillor R Johnstone Yes
Councillor D King Yes

Staff Present: Clerk to the Council Denise Humphris
Assistant Clerk Katherine Kane

1 member of the public

001/18 APPOINTMENT OF THE CHAIRMAN FOR THE MUNICIPAL YEAR MAY 2018 – MAY 2019 RESOLVED: (unanimously) to appoint Councillor Pete Hewitt as

The outgoing Chairman Councillor John Stewart was thanked for his hard work in
His role as Chairman and particularly for his work on the Village Green initiative.
Without his ongoing hard work on this project this is a valuable community asset
That may otherwise have been lost to Myland.
003/18 APPOINTMENT OF VICE-CHAIRMAN FOR THE MUNICIPAL YEAR MAY 2018 – MAY 2019 RESOLVED: To appoint Councillor M Goss as Vice -Chairman

004/18 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE RESOLVED: to accept apologies from Councillor J


RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the minutes (previously circulated) as a
true record for signature by the Chairman except that the date should be
corrected to read 25th April and not 24th April.

Members were advised that Myland ‘Make Lunch’ group are holding a Cream Tea
at Myland Methodist Church on Saturday 2nd June at 3pm

The receipt of the minutes of the following committee meetings was formally
a) Planning and Highways Committee: meeting held 2nd May 2018

a) Terms of Reference RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the
Terms of Reference as presented for: Planning and Highways Committee;
Resources Policy and Finance Committee; Community Engagement
The Personnel sub-committee (being a sub-committee of the Resources
Policy and Finance Committee) Terms of Reference will be reviewed and
Recommended for approval at the first meeting of the RP&S Committee
b) Membership of Committees
RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the membership of the Council
committees as follows:
Planning and Development:
Councillor Catherine Clouston;
Councillor Stewart Calver
Councillor John Stewart
Councillor Alison Jay
Councillor John Dickson
Councillor Pete Hewitt
Councillor Robert Johnstone
Councillor Martin Goss
Resources Policy and Strategy
Councillor Marina de Smith;
Councillor David Clouston;
Councillor David King;
Councillor Richard Beauchamp;
Councillor Alison Jay;
Councillor Pete Hewitt

Personnel sub-committee (to be approved by RP&S)
Community Engagement Committee
Councillor Marina de Smith;
Councillor Pauline Bacon;
Councillor Robert Johnstone;
Councillor Clare Bailey;
Councillor Adrian Ellis
RESOLVED: (unanimously)to approve and adopt the documents presented.

011/18 DATES OF MEETINGS MAY 2018 -MAY 2019
RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve dates of Full Council meetings as per
attached Appendix ‘A’.

RESOLVED: (unanimously)to approve £35 annual subscription to Colchester
Association of Local Councils.

RESOLVED: to accept the Internal Auditor’s recommendations and make the
following changes to existing procedures.
Chairman’s Allowance. The Chairman will have a budget allowance of £400 per
Annum. This will no longer be paid directly to him/her but will be available to
draw on for re-imbursement of any additional expenses incurred in the office of #
Mylander Honorarium This will no longer be paid to serving councillors who assist
with the production of the Mylander.

a) A debate ensued about the pros and cons of reducing the number of
Myland councillors from the existing number of 17 to a lesser amount
perhaps as low as 11 councillors. The rationale behind this was to try to
ensure that competition would be created for councillor places encouraging
elections and attracting those who could demonstrate full commitment to
these community positions. Some talk ensued from those opposed to a
reduction due the growing community at Myland and the additional and
changing workloads necessary to enable the Council to grow alongside the
population of the area. It was RESOLVED (unanimously) to withdraw the
motion calling for approval to the commencement of the process to reduce
councillor numbers at Myland. It was RESOLVED: to examine the pros and
cons of this idea further and meanwhile to commence a process of
investigation of what is involved should such a proposal be agreed by this
b) Councillor Skills Audit A councillor skills audit has been suggested to
ascertain existing councillor skills to assist in the co-option process in the
future and with identifying applicants with complementary or scarce skills
needed for the Council. This will be reviewed alongside the final decision
as to whether to reduce councillor numbers.

RESOLVED: to nominate the following councillors to attend on behalf of Myland
Community Council: Councillor Pete Hewitt and Councillor David King.
Nothing to report

Borough Councillor Goss reported that following further complaints from the
Northfield Development re overgrown landscape he has now secured assurances
that the site will be finished and adopted by Highways and Essex County Council
within the next 16 weeks.
He also advised that he is Borough Council cabinet member for Waste and also
for transport and he is looking at road maintenance and speaking to County
Council Cabinet member Kevin Bentley on this matter. He is also involved in
Environmental matters, mainly with a view to making buses more environmentally
Friendly. A request was made for disabled access issues to be reviewed as well,
which Councillor Goss confirmed he would consider and a comment made that
work should be done to encourage more people to use public transport generally.
Borough Councillor King reported that he was also a Cabinet member and he would
be working to ensure that this part of Colchester is well represented and
connected to serve residents.
a) Report from the Chairman
Chairman Pete Hewitt advised that he was pleased with the good debates
Earlier in the meeting and as Chairman he intended to ensure that meetings
were well run with those wishing to speak raising their hand and waiting for
their turn. Myland is in a transition from semi-rural to urban and Myland
Community Council has to adapt to change with that understanding that all
additional work and new projects have a cost in terms of councillor and staff
time – an element which must always be considered.
His three guiding principles will be:
– A focus on adding value in the Community;
– Integrity and Respect;
– Work as a team
b) Report from Working Groups
– Neighbourhood Plan Group
Councillor Hewitt reported that this working group would be meeting
quarterly this year.
-Myland Access Group
Councillor Johnstone reported that the wording of the National Policy
Planning Framework has now had some subtle amendments to the wording
to ensure that been amended to try to ensure that Planning Policy and
planning decisions will support and enhance Public Rights of Way. He noted
that no work has yet been carried out at the Camping Field development.
The MAG will continue to review the Footpath and Bridleway networks to
ensure way markers are in place, suitable surfacing of footpaths etc. and to
try to ensure cars do not drive on designated footpaths. He has arranged a
Community Litter Pick on Saturday 2nd June 2018 commencing at 10.30am
by Petronella Close.
Community Centres Working Group
Councillor David Clouston advised that an outline proposal which sets out
possible structures for Myland Community Council to run Severalls and
Chesterwell community centres will be passed to the Neighbourhood Plan
group for review before being put to the Council.
Personnel Sub-Committee
Councillor David Clouston advised that the advert for the vacancy for
Clerk to the Council has gone out via social media, the press, online
Recruitment agency and Suffolk and Essex Association of Local Councils, as
well as local noticeboards. He asked councillors to spread the word. Councillor
Clouston thanked the Clerk and Assistant Clerk for the work that
they do behind the scenes to keep the Council running smoothly and to
keep various statutory documents reviewed and up to date.
c)Reports from Councillors
Councillor Bacon reported that the books previously stored in the office had been
sold at St Helena’s Hospice Fete and any books left over were being distributed
to various community groups.
She advised that the roads were still unfinished at Chesterwell and residents had
now moved in and were having to negotiate manhole covers in the road which
stand 3 inches above the surface.
Councillor Bacon asked about the new Health Centre being progressed at Northern
Gateway and was advised that Councillors Hewitt and Stewart would address this
Matter in their regular meetings with the developers and report back. It was
thought that this may be private sheltered housing/ nursing home which would
fall in line with MCC Neighbourhood Development Plan.
Councillor de Smith asked when the estate where she lives will have its roads
formally adopted. Councillor Goss advised that there is a budget and programme
of works being progressed by Taylor Wimpey with a view to achieving adoption of
the roads by Highways and Essex County Council.
Councillor Jay advised that the Mill Road Patient Participation Group would be
hosting a meeting on 14th June at 7.30pm with a guest speaker from Colchester
Hospitals University Foundation Trust.
Councillor Hayman thanked Councillor Johnstone for leading an interesting walk
recently around various Myland developments.
He is working on the Honorary Freeman idea and hopes to have a background
paper ready for consideration by the time of the September council meeting.
Councillor Bailey advised that the Hospice book sale raised £62 which was donated
to the Hospice.
She advised that she has received a request from a resident to investigate why
taxis are not allowed to use the bus lanes at Bruff Close and whether this could be
reviewed. Councillor Goss advised that Colchester is the only town in Essex that
allows taxis and motorcycles to share Bus Lanes but there are two that can’t be
shared. One is the Park and Ride route and the other Bruff Close. The new Bus
Lane along the Northern Approach route will also be closed to taxis when it is built.
Changing this would cost a lot of money and in reality is unlikely to be something
that Highways or Essex County Council would prioritise.
Councillor Bailey advised that the Community Engagement Committee’s monthly
Meet and Greet is continuing.
Councillor Johnstone showed members the book relating to Colchester Orbital
walking routes which has recently been purchased by MCC. The book will be kept
in the office for anyone to view if they wished. The Orbital route is included in the
Borough’s Local Plan. Councillor Bacon asked if directions/short routes could be
laid out for local running groups. This may be incorporated under the current
Myland Mapping project but Councillor Johnstone advised that he look at
this suggestion.

a) Financial Update
The RFO provided a financial update as per attached Appendix B’
b) Payment of Invoices
RESOLVED: (unanimously) to approve the list of payments for May 2018
totalling £85217.44 as follows:

Staff costs 4323.38 4323.38
John Stewart 9.35 9.35
Marina De Smith 4 4
Pauline Bacon 30.5 30.5
Whitebarn 1986 331 1655
M Fulcher 110 110
M Fulcher 40 40
M Fulcher 40 40
CALC 35 35
Clear Business 24.58 4.1 19.48
CNG 43.41 3.25 40.16
Zen Internet 35.4 5.9 29.5
Opus Energy 21.34 1.02 20.32
Copy It Digital 22.9 22.9
Mile End Methodist Church 23 23
EALC 60 60
Accent Stationers 153.96 153.96
Green Square 2342 2342
C Pearne 240 240
Office Furniture 528 88 440
Archant 358.8 59.8 299
Monster Online
PWLB 6169.16 6169.16
fm c/a to reserve 30000 30000
frm c/a to reserve 12905 12905
fm c/a to community centre 20000 20000
Colchester 1st responders 1500 1500
Fete distribution 3999.5 3999.5
Young at Heart 150 150
St Helena Hospice 62.66 62.66

Wednesday 27th June 2018 at 7.30pm at Mile End Methodist Church Hall
Nayland Road Mile End Colchester.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at pm.