Minutes Planning & Highways Committee 7th November 2018

Minutes of the Myland Community Council Planning & Highways Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 7th November 2018, 7.15 pm @ 101 Nayland Road, Mile End Road, Colchester, CO4 5EN

Present:        Cllr C Clouston (Chair)

Cllr Stewart Calver

Cllr Pete Hewitt

Cllr Alison Jay

Cllr Robert Johnstone

The Clerk

There was one member of the public present.

49-18/19       Apologies – to receive and accept

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Dickson and Stewart.

50-18/19      Declarations of Interest – Councillors to declare individually any interests they may have in the items on the agenda.

There were no declarations of interest.

51-18/19       Have Your Say – Members of the public can comment on any item on the agenda

There were no comments.

52-18/19       Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

Cllr Clouston read the letter received from Essex County Councillor Kevin Bentley in reply to MCC’s letter regarding traffic calming in Mill Road (both letters attached as appendices A and B).

It was agreed that the Clerk would write a letter thanking Cllr Bentley for the information, and acknowledging that though MCC appreciate that the planned work has been started, they look forward to seeing it completed.

53-18/19       Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October 2018 to be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman

The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October were unanimously agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

54-18/19       To agree a response to Colchester Borough Council’s Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand Study.

It was agreed that there were no issues with Colchester Borough Council’s Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand Study.

Proposed: Cllr Clouston               Seconded: Cllr Hewitt             (Unanimous)

55-18/19      To agree a response to the Essex County Council’s Make Orders to divert Footpaths 48, 70, 54 and 58.

The response to ECC’s Make Orders to divert Footpaths 48, 70, 54 and 58 was agreed as follows:

FP48 – No objection. The route proposed is the route already walked by users. Some improvement to the steps down to Boxted Road would be welcome but this is outside the scope of this consultation.

FP 70 – Comment. The need to delete FP70 was questioned. This would be an opportunity to create a new footpath along the proposed route of the diversion.

Paragraph 2 refers to the “parish of Stanway” and this must be addressed.

FP54 and 58 – Object. MCC refer to ECC’s Procedures for Public Path Diversions which has been adopted by CBC, specifically the following paragraph:

Landscape The proposed new route should not result in a lower quality or diversity of views for the path users. Where a path is being diverted for development purposes, the new route should not follow estate roads/existing roads as this would effectively amount to an extinguishment of the path.

Planning permission alone does not give developers authority to make changes to PRoWs.

Routes should not include unnecessary doglegs.

Proposed: Cllr Clouston               Seconded: Cllr Calver             (Unanimous)

The Committee thanked Cllr Johnstone for attending the meeting and for his invaluable input.

56-18/19       Planning, Licensing & Highways Applications/Appeals – To make recommendations, including requests for Section 106 money where applicable, on applications received

The following responses to the applications received were all agreed unanimously.

182417 – Land adjacent 3 Borges Gardens, Braiswick Lane, Colchester – New detached dwelling with three bedrooms and office/study and garden room with integral double garage. – Support

182401 -ESNEFT Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust Turner Road, Colchester CO4 5JL –  Construction of new two storey hospital infill building with roof top plant room together with single storey link corridor. – Support

182514 – 8 Gresley Close, Colchester CO4 5WF – Single storey Rear Extension to a depth of 4m from rear wall, Porch Extension. – Support

182361 – Above Radiotherapy Centre, Colchester General Hospital, Turner Road, Colchester CO4 5JL – Construction of new cancer day care unit. – Support

182363 – 15 Vitellus Close, Colchester CO4 5GN – Part conversion of existing garage and single storey rear extension. – Support

182597 – MK Stores, 28a Turner Road, Colchester CO4 5LB – Ground floor extension to rear of existing shop. – Support

182480 – ESNEFT Colchester General Hospital, Turner Road, Colchester CO4 5JL – Single storey extension to the Emergency Department and two storey extension to the front of the Hospital to provide healthcare use, ground floor commercial use, a staff and visitor café, all to be used in associations with the wider Hospital use. – Support

57-18/19       To receive copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions

A copy of the following planning Decision was received.

182042 – 4 Ivy Close, Colchester CO4 5HE – Single storey rear extension – Permission granted, 3 conditions, 30th October 2018.

58-18/19       Date of next meeting – Wednesday 5th December 2018, 7.15pm, at the MCC Office, 101 Nayland Road, Colchester CO4 5EN.

The meeting closed at 8.14pm.

Appendix A

Dear Councillor Bentley

Mill Road (East) Traffic Calming Scheme 2018

You will be aware that for some time now Myland Community Council has been endeavouring to introduce traffic calming measures to Mill Road (East) Colchester.  The following resolution was agreed by members of the Planning & Development Policy Committee (now Planning & Highways) at their meeting on 21st October 2015. It was subsequently approved by full council.

It was resolved to ask MCC to apply to Essex County Highways requesting the implementation of a prohibition on heavy goods vehicles using Mill Road, Colchester between Severalls Lane and the Via Urbis Romanae (VUR). This road is no longer suitable or necessary for such traffic due to the high incidence of pedestrian and cycle use and, in some parts, the very restricted footway width. The opening of both the VUR and Axial Way provide a much safer alternative that would not incur time or costs to goods vehicle users.

This proposal attracted the support of local residents, who complained about the number of large vehicles using Mill Road and the subsequent effects on air quality. It also attracted the full support of local Ward Councillors at Mile End and Highwoods as well as our County Councillor Anne Turrell. We have been briefed that monies were available for these works; indeed, had been allocated for some time under S.106 provision. You will recognise that Myland has sustained much of the new house build in North Colchester. It is not unreasonable to expect some of these funds to be used for projects that improve, or seek to improve, our residents’ well-being; a subject that was reflected in the Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan.

Recently we were briefed by Councillor Turrell that the works were due to commence in September 2018. We were shown excerpts of the proposed plans for the section between the Rugby Club and Severalls Lane along with an indication of what was being considered in the part of Mill Road close to Thomas Wakley Close.  Earlier this week we inspected the works on Mill Road, and presumed they were only partially completed. We were shocked that the work done was the completed works.  The remake of the cycle crossing at Mill Road/Severalls Lane junction and placing the Myland sign onto a small plastic picket fence does not in any way meet with our expectations contributing to traffic calming. The ‘raised platform’ outside the Rugby Club is absolutely negligible and motorists don’t notice it. We are also disappointed that the phase in the part of Mill Road near Thomas Wakley has been halted because of a Health & Safety report and is being revised. This work has, I understand, used a substantial amount of the available S.106 money and we cannot accept that this is in any way value for money.

There have already been completely justified comments in social media over this work and the wasteful use of public monies. Myland Community Council is extremely unhappy over the way this project has been managed. We would like to request a full breakdown of costings for this work and if necessary we are prepared to do this by way of a Freedom of Information request, although we hope that will not be necessary.

We await your comments and the breakdown requested. Councillors would also be willing to meet and discuss this matter with you and your officers.

Katherine Kane

Clerk to the Council