Myland Access Group

At the Council meeting at the end of September 2016 it was agreed that the name of the Footpaths Group would be changed to Myland Access Group. This was to reflect the remit of the Group, which is not just to look at footpaths but at all types of access to our parish including bridleways and cycle routes.

The Group meets every six weeks at the Myland Community Council Office. Its objectives are to protect current footpaths, to establish additional footpaths and to promote the use of footpaths. It also looks to encourage the wider use of non-motorised transport, such as cycling and horse-riding.

Councillors also want to reduce the effect on the environment vehicle use, so they are keen to promote walking, cycling and public transport as safe and healthy alternatives.

The Group keep an eye on the Parish Footpaths, and undertake maintenance to keep the paths clear. If you are aware of a problem on a footpath, for example excessive undergrowth blocking a path, then please let us know. Over the past couple of months, they have undertaken a survey of all the footpaths in the parish and are currently collating their findings. This will lead to a work plan which will ensure that all footpaths are clear and well-signposted.

Overhanging Growth on Footpath 36 which will be removed
Overhanging Growth on Footpath 36 which will be removed

Councillor Johnstone, Chair of the Group, kept an eye on progress on the shared use footway/cycleway constructed on Mile End Road by Essex County Council. On behalf of the Group and MCC, he objected to the construction, arguing that the money could be better spent elsewhere in Colchester. He continues to work with Colchester Cycling Campaign and other organisations to make sure ECC is aware of the disadvantages of shared use schemes – such as shared use being against national guidelines, and the amount of driveways and obstacles that need to be considered during construction. A similar issue has arisen on the Chesterwell development, and Cllr Johnstone and the Group are watching what happens here and providing input where possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions about any issues regarding footpaths, bridleways or Public Rights of Way, or you would like to become involved in the work of the Myland Access Group then please contact Cllr Robert Johnstone or the Assistant Clerk – you can do this by contacting the office on 01206 853400.

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