On Saturday 8th May during the daily Covid19 briefing the Government announced it will be funding and promoting much more walking and cycling as the means of personal mobility. MCC welcomes this intention as it mirrors your Council’s desire to see lots of walking and cycling connectivity across Myland and with neighbouring areas. This is at the heart of MCC’s Myland Mapping project to publicise and guide the community to key destinations without using their private cars. Walking and cycling routes to e.g. schools, shops, the Hospital and green spaces promotes health and well-being, helps achieve better air quality and generally combats climate change.

MCC consistently reviews development plans for effective and welcoming routes and proposes further enhancements when opportunities arise. This is MCC playing its part in achieving ‘modal shift’ (less use of private cars) which is the Essex Highways solution to north Colchester having a sustainable transport infrastructure. Your Council is therefore pleased to see the Government bringing attention and action to this subject and we expect to see this strategy embraced by Colchester Borough Council’s new emerging Local Plan for all developments including ‘garden settlements’

Cllr Pete Hewitt

member Planning & Highways Committee