Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan

Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood PlanThe Plan which was adopted by Colchester Borough Council in December 2016 is monitored by MCC on a regular basis.

The Plan’s working group has continued to operate and on a quarterly basis ‘walks through’ the various policies and projects to assess progress on actions underway or to identify where new action might be necessary. Because of the committee structure at MCC any actions can generally be assigned to an existing committee to pursue with their delegated powers.

Below are some recent updates/messages from the Group.

  • Essex County Council (ECC) operates a Car Share Scheme in partnership with The ECC website states the following: “Car sharing is an easy way to reduce the cost of your journeys. Sharing your commute with a colleague can halve the costs of your daily commute”. With traffic volumes ever increasing the claim is also made that: “It reduces the number of cars on our roads – resulting in less congestion, pollution and fewer parking problems.” The scheme matches people up with potential sharers who then decide how much sharing they wish to undertake. The scheme has over 4,000 members and it is claimed that on average they each save about £750 per year. If you are interested please share the website
  • The Group have been concerned with air pollution in areas of north Colchester and in joint representation with Ward Councillors a measuring receptor has been positioned lower in Bergholt Road to start measuring pollution levels near to the Station from that direction.
  • Another initiative being led by the Group is the production of ‘layered maps’ which it is hoped will be an on-line service to guide residents by foot, cycle or personal mobility means to places of need or interest across Myland and onwards to adjoining locations. This will be of help to new arrives and will also provide means to accessing places other than by short car journeys.
  • Finally for the moment we have been asked by a Group member to alert residents to what we can all do to try and reverse the decline in the number of hedgehogs. These charming creatures are part of our landscape and can be a boon to gardeners who lose out to snails and slugs. Hedgehogs have large roaming areas through our gardens but this can be a problem unless there is access between gardens. A handy list on how to help was recently published in the BBC Countryfile Magazine: Provide a 5in (13cm) square gap in boundary fences / keep a wild corner in the garden / avoid using pesticides or slug pellets / check bonfire piles before lighting.

Pete Hewitt

If you would like a hard copy please contact the office at 101 Nayland Road, CO4 5EN or phone on 01206 853400. To view the Plan online, please click on the link below.