Myland Community Action Plan

The MCC Community Action Plan – How Can We Help?

The Myland Community Council is here to support you – their local community. This can be direct action, working with others such as Colchester Borough Council or by helping those who help others. Three examples agreed in July:

£150 towards the work of Make Lunch Myland as they provide help to those in need through the summer holidays
£417 to Colchester Villa Football Club to replace the football posts trashed by travelers in Mill Road
£500 to our local hospital, to Lexden maternity Ward to make those anxious and expectant visitor stays more comfortable!

And another grant agreed yesterday:

£1000 towards the End of Life Time Garden at Colchester General, to help their fundraising towards ‘a place for quiet contemplation, peaceful reflection and privacy for patients who are dying, and their relatives’.

We welcome your suggestions for further such good causes! Large or small let us know, they might just be ‘more benches to sit and watch the world go by – or to keep an eye on the children’! Who do you know working for local benefit, raising funds and needing some extra help?

MCC may be also be able to help, working with others, on local infrastructure. These would be the very small scale but eyesore/problem areas and issues that can bug us all. Tell us where and send a picture, If we can’t help we will raise it with others! We still have some green space but never enough. So MCC is going to ‘Green Your Parish’. Where do you think we might plant some mature trees or otherwise ‘green’ our community? Provide location details and a picture if you can!

Anything else? We have had some suggestions already: swings on the Rosewood development play area, new benches at the Mill Rd Park, exercise equipment (wherever we can!) and benches parallel to Maximus Drive. If you have any other ideas or views on the above – let your MCC Councillors know! Or contact the MCC Office or the lead Cllr David King on 07738522641 or email

David King

MCC – Contact Mobile: 07738522641

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