Newsletter December 2018

Newsletter December 2018

This very much a trial issue to test out our subscriber links but hopefully regular postings will commence in the new year. Remember, we still deliver the regular quarterly copy of the Mylander Magazine which will update you on what is happening in Myland.

Precept 2019/20

The precept is the Parish or (in our case) Community Council part of your Council Tax Bill and is what funds those councils. At the full Council meeting held on 28thNovember 2018 it was unanimously agreed to retain the Annual Precept at the rate set in 2017/18. This means that there will be no extra cost to Myland Residents next year. The Council decided that the current level of reserves made this unnecessary.

Budget 2019/20

The Council also agreed the Budget for next year 2019/20 as recommended by our Resource, Policy Strategy Committee. Apart from day to day running costs, the Budget covers a wide range of projects including further ‘Green your Parish’ projects, increasing the budget for community engagement activities and ensuring adequate future funding for the proposed Community Centres and the Village Green.

Residents who have questions or simply wish to know more about this may contact the Clerk to the Council at our offices or speak to one of our Councillors.

Last but not least ..

Those of you receiving this will already have registered for regular updates via our website Myland Website link and where you can also leave comments. Please let others know about this facility and help us to reach as much of the community as we can.

On behalf the Chairman, Councillor Pete Hewitt, and all our Councillors we wish you all a …..

Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year

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