Planning & Highways Committee Meeting 7th April 2021

All members of the Myland Community Council Planning & Highways Committee are hereby summoned to attend an online meeting of the Committee which will take place on Wednesday 7th April 2021 commencing at 7.30pm for the transaction of the under mentioned business.

Members should make every effort to attend or to inform the Clerk of the reason for their absence.

Katherine Kane
Mrs Katherine Kane
Clerk & RFO

Councillors and members of the public/press may join this meeting by following this link:

Meeting ID: 918 7462 8748
Passcode: 228082

Meeting protocol
This meeting is being held under Government Regulations introduced to enable Council business to proceed under the current COVID-19 situation.

The meeting will be run under MCC’s Remote Meetings Protocol which is available on the MCC website

Members of the public may only speak during the ‘Have your say’ agenda item by raising their hand and, when called to speak, state their name. The same rules will apply to these online meetings as would apply at normal meetings. Due to the nature of these meetings it may be that members of the public would like to email our Clerk before the meeting with their question.

7th APRIL 2021

88-20/21 To receive apologies for absence – to consider apologies for absence and confirm acceptance
89-20/21 Declarations of Interest – Councillors to declare individually any interests they may have in the items on the agenda
90-20/21 Have Your Say – Members of the public can comment on any item on the agenda
91-20/21 Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence
92-20/21 To agree the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 3rd March 2021 to be a true record (the minutes to be signed by the Chairman at a future meeting)
93-20/21 To consider and possibly agree a response to the Essex Minerals Local Plan Review consultation
94-20/21 To consider the safety of students accessing the Gilberd School site from the parish and agree any action necessary.
95-20/21 Planning, Licensing & Highways Applications/Appeals – To make recommendations, including requests for Section 106 money where applicable, on applications received (Appendix 1)
96-20/21 To receive copies of Planning/Appeal Decisions (Appendix 2)
97-20/21 To agree the time, date and place of next meeting

Appendix 1

210517 – Asda Supermarket, Petrolea Close, Colchester CO4 5TU – Installation of 4no. internally illuminated ‘click and collect’ canopies
Cllr Johnstone

210516 – ASDA Stores Ltd, Asda Supermarket, Petrolea Close, Colchester CO4 5TU – The proposed application is for the construction of an external pod to the front of the store to be used as storage and associated coldrooms. The application is also for the removal of the existing click & collect canopy and associated steelworks
Cllr Johnstone

210524 – 130 Mile End Road, Colchester CO4 5BZ – Proposed part-double and part-single rear extension. Conversion of existing garage/ workshop structure to provide habitable space at the ground floor and first floor side extension above the existing garage structure. First revision to previous consent
Cllr Dickson

210674 – 160 Mill Road, Colchester CO4 5LP – Conversion on carport into a utility room & wet room
Cllr Dickson

210610 – 16 Turner Road, Colchester CO4 5LB – Application for variation of condition 2 (approved drawings) following grant of planning permission 202206
Cllr Clouston

210648 – Parcels R01, R02 & R03, G1, G3, G4 And Osf1 North Colchester Urban Ext, Mile End Road, Colchester – Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval 121272 for the construction of 201 dwellings
Cllr Hewitt

210642 – 3 Gloriana Road, Colchester CO4 6AS – Proposed first floor extension over existing garage
Cllr Braddy

210769 – 103 Titus Way, Colchester CO4 5GB – Replacement of existing conservatory and lean to construction with single storey extension.
Cllr Braddy

210646 – 53 Panache Road, Colchester CO4 6DS – Proposed single storey rear extension
Cllr Clouston

210763 – Mary Barron Building, Colchester General Hospital, Turner Road, Colchester CO4 5JL – Erection of building to provide an Elective Orthopaedic Centre comprising 8283sqm internal floor area; Demolition of Mary Barron building & removal of Cardiac Catheterisation Unit, administrative block & part removal of Elmstead Day Unit


Appendix 2


193145 – Land at, Oxley Parker Drive, Colchester – Outline Application (all matters reserved) for the construction of up to 40 dwellings, public open space and associated infrastructure . – Permission refused, 3 reasons, 8th March 2021

210139 – 1 Larch Way, Colchester CO4 6BH – Retrospective application for erection of wooden lean-to pergola at rear: external dimensions Height 245cm x Depth 166cm x Width 420cm; 60cm from boundary with adj property & 133cm from boundary of car park. – Permission granted, 1 condition, 12th March 2021

210114 – Cherryhouse, 32 Beaumont Close, Colchester CO4 5XE – Conversion of existing garage to an annex – Permission granted, 4 conditions, 15th March 2021

202864 – 2 Gloriana Road, Colchester CO4 6AS – Proposed single storey side extension linking car-port and house – Permission granted, 4 conditions, 29th March 2021