Planning update – November 2020

The Northern Gateway (Western Section) planning application has been lodged by Turnstone, the developers, with Colchester Borough Council.  This project will realise the multi-screen cinema, Travelodge Hotel, restaurants, leisure facilities. There will also be electric vehicle charging points installed. With the addition of extensive landscaping this should ensure an excellent local facility for our Parish and the wider Colchester area as well as providing much needed local employment. This Council supported the application and only added our continuing concern that we do not view the transport access off Junction 28 of the A12 to be adequate.

We are often asked about the new allotments on the Kingswood Heath Estate at Kirby Drive/Mill Road. These are now completed, however we have been informed that there appears to be a problem with Colchester Borough Council accepting ownership due to issues over a boundary wall. We will keep residents posted on this.

Work is expected to commence shortly on the proposed Co-op Store off Whitmore Drive on the Kingswood Heath Estate. In respect of the Severalls Community Centre, clauses contained in the original Section 106 documents have now been reached and handover of the land is currently with Colchester Borough Council Legal Dept. The Consortium have plans in place to restore the site to original grassland prior to hand over. The site is currently being used as a drop off/collection site for Camulos Academy. It should be noted that use of this site was provided by the Consortium as a courtesy and was always a temporary measure. The original planning permission for Severalls designated this site for a Community Building.

HM Government is proposing to launch a White Paper on ‘Planning for the Future’. Many of you may have seen items in the news regarding this. A consultation has been launched. As this is likely to have major effects on local planning and representation, I have asked each of my colleagues on the Planning Committee to read this document and submit their individual comments to our Clerk for collating. We will then be in a position to submit a consensual reply to this document.

Please remember that so called ‘Builder’s rights’ have been withdrawn in many areas of Myland so please always check with Colchester Borough Planning staff or our Council Offices.