Precept and Budget 2019/20

We have reviewed and set our budget for next year, in conjunction with our Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan sets a framework for the parish, the services, the help we currently provide and the positive changes we want to make. We reviewed our administrative costs to ensure they compare well with other Parish, Community and Town Councils.  We also agreed to continue to support the many causes, organisations, groups and needs of residents, and look to the future.

Myland continues to grow, and in the future, we may have new community centres that will need to be equipped. We want to deliver positive changes that make our parish a better place to live.  Taking all of this into account the Council has agreed a budget for 2019/20 of £172,100. The Precept, which is the sum we ask residents to pay, will be £132,000.  Allowing for new homes, the charge per household in 2019/20, will therefore be slightly reduced (eg for a Band D Council Tax rated property just £24.54p a year, or 47p a week).

The Council will continue to support local organisations, improve the look and feel of the parish, set money aside for future community centres, represent the interests of residents and provide an improved litter picking service. More information will be provided in the Mylander magazine and on the website throughout the year.

Cllr David King, Chair, Resources, Policy and Strategy Committee