Village Green for Myland

Residents of Myland Community will be aware of the Northern Gateway Project which intends to create a sporting and leisure hub in North Colchester.

Myland Community Council has been working with both our colleagues in Colchester Borough Planning and the developers to ensure that what is delivered is right for Myland. The project consists of two sections. The Northern part will consist of a new Sports Stadium located on the north side of the A.12 trunk road. The Southern section will extend from United Way to Axial Way and Mill Road. It is envisaged that the current users of Mill Road Sports Field will be relocated to the new stadium with the exception of the cricketers who will re locate to Mile End Recreation Ground, Ford’s Lane. The northwest part of the southern section will house a new multiplex cinema and restaurants. All of this is, of course, subject to planning permission.

North Colchester has sustained much new home builds and Myland Community Council welcomes this project and views it as giving something back to our community. One area we are particularly pleased with is the Village Green.

Myland Community Council has campaigned for some time now for the retention of a good part of the Mill Road Sports Field as a Village Green. In this we have had the full support of Councillor Gerard Oxford and his colleagues in Highwoods Ward as well as the Myland Ward Councillors. We are pleased to say that via the Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan, adopted by Colchester Borough Council December 2016, we have a guarantee of a minimum of 4.5 hectares (about 12 acres) set aside for a Village Green.

The Village Green will integrate with the rest of the Southern section but exactly how is still being planned. The addition of the Village Green open space at Myland’s eastern boundary and the improvements planned for Ford’s Lane on the western side will mean valued green space is retained for the benefit of our community. As always the views of our residents are important and we welcome your comments.

Cllr John Stewart

Chairman Myland Community Council

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