Weston Homes Community Stadium Consultation

Community Sports and Recreation

We want the community view: what sports would be your priorities should we have land available?

We already have some areas across the parish for sport, like the playing fields off Fords Lane and the rugby pitches off Mill Road, as well as David Lloyd. The Northern Gateway project will bring further housing and other developments. Plus ‘sports for all facilities, likely to include BMX and cycling, all near the Weston Homes Colchester Stadium.

The Community Stadium has now asked for community views about another potential sport related development. This would be for the plot of land between the Community Stadium car park and Boxted Road. They are interested in what sort of uses might be beneficial to the Myland community, preferably with a sports or activity flavour. They would then take that forward with developers, and or Colchester Borough Council (the ultimate landowner) and or investors. Making the most of this space by the Community Stadium may need investment and if so consequently a commercial return of some sort. But other uses are possible and MCC would look at any community preferences for the use of this parcel of land and pass that onto the Community Stadium.

We have some views already: through the community wide consultation undertaken for the Myland and Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan. Resident’s priorities then were swimming, recreational cycling, tennis, tree walking and zip wires, badminton and an outdoor gym. These ideas may not be practical for this space or may have been met elsewhere and views may have changed. But we welcome your feed-back and priorities now. Please let us know what you would most want to see for this land:

  • Sports only – and if so which
  • As woodland and or green space
  • Family communal use with a mix of green space, with trees, benches, flowers for rest as well as paths for cycling, recreation and exercise

If sports or recreation – in whole or part – tell us your preferred uses and sports – and whether you would use any such facilities if put into place. We will consider your responses as the Community Council and then talk to the Stadium team.

Write or call the MCC at 101 Nayland Road (01206 853400) or speak to Cllrs Pete Hewitt or David King or to any Community Cllr.

Data Protection Act 1998: The information that you give will be used solely for the purposes of collating your views relating to suggested use of the land at Weston Homes Community Stadium and if you respond directly to MCC (rather than by using Facebook where you and your response can be publicly identified) no information that would identify you as an individual will be shared with any other organisation or published by the Council in any way. Information held by MCC which could identify individuals responding to the survey will be held by MCC until such times as all responses have been collated and compiled into an anonymous report showing popular choices for us of the land. Any personal details or views will be destroyed by 30th June 2018 at the latest. Facebook responses will be subject to Facebook privacy rules and retention periods over which MCC has no control.

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