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  1. I am a resident of Mile End and am extremely concerned regarding the proposed Mersea Homes planning applications relating to Bartholomew Court access onto Mile End Road (both the temporary and permanent application, 183077 and 191581 respectively).

    With regards to the specific matter of allowing access via Bartholomew Court:

    • Traffic turning right out of Bartholomew Court onto Mile End Road and going to the station roundabout would cause yet more chaos to what is already a choke point. The station roundabout was not designed to cater for the traffic volume that continues to increase with development. There are no proposals to improve this either. Rush hours or Saturday lunch times, for example, are chaos with queues up to Rectory Close on Mile End Road because of the layout, lights and size of the roundabout. From Mile End Road there is no priority onto the roundabout (no lights as there are with Bergholt Road, for example). Even if there were lights, the roundabout can only accommodate 2 cars or one bus in each of the 2 lanes due to box junction. With this new development, there is a potential of an extra 320 cars; 160 houses x 2 cars (minimum).

    • Traffic turning left out of Bartholomew Court on to Mile End Road has to initially negotiate the parked cars around the area of the Church / children’s nursery, then the traffic lights at the Dog and Pheasant pub / Co-op shop (which often have delivery vehicles causing obstructions). The enforced right turn on to Mill Road encounters firstly a busy primary school with a lot of children walking to school and then there is the doctors’ surgery. Again, at rush hours in particular, this is chaos. A significant queue is then encountered on Mill Road with the crossroads of the A134. The new Via Urbis Romane Road is already very busy, with more traffic due from the next phase of Chesterwell and Kingswood Heath, as well as from the new Northern Approach development. Currently, in the rush hours, it can take in excess of 15 minutes from Bartholomew Close to the A12 access – a journey of 1.5 miles!

    • It is indisputable there will be a negative effect from pollution, both noise and emissions. Pollution on Mile End Road would increase significantly and likely become similar to Bergholt Road, which is very poor.

    This is not a definitive list and many other valid objections have already been raised. Mersea Homes has promoted a vision of people from the southern part of the site using bike routes and buses but this is a pipe dream for planning purposes and in reality most people have to drive cars for work/commuting. The proposals may not undermine the sustainability credentials but it guarantees increased traffic onto Mile End Road and all the negatives that come with that.

    Mersea Homes, in my opinion, has been underhanded in their approach. Their request was not part of the original approved plan and for good reason! They say the main reason for these new proposals is so that the Council can fulfil their obligation to maintain their house building quota. There is a much bigger picture across Colchester and thankfully Mersea Homes is not the sole developer involved. I think the reality is that Mersea Homes haven’t got the access they need yet to develop the 160 homes (of an estate of some 1600 homes in total) and this affects their profit. They have no regard for the long-term effects to both the current residents or the new families buying their homes.

    If planners concede to this idea, what else are they going to concede to? Developer’s request to access Mile End Road via Braiswick Lane? Access for all of Chesterwell to use Bartholomew Court? Do any developers or planners live in the area and experience the current situation or have to endure the result of poor decision making?

    For example; there is a bus route proposed through the new estate to encourage people to use public transport as per the original, agreed plan. Although it transpires this may be to the detriment of those living at the Northern end of Mile End if the bus companies cut the service in preference of travelling through Chesterwell. Mile End is experiencing vast development; with some joined up thinking and innovation those involved should be pioneering new ideas and making it a model for future developments, e.g., use of electric powered shuttle buses or trams to get the new communities to the key points such as schools, train station, shops, doctors. Though as I understand it, there is no proposal for a new doctor’s surgery on the estate to serve the 1600 homes, so presumably people will have to access the over-stretched surgery on Mill Road. Allegedly, the reason for no new doctor’s surgery is that the premises offered by Mersea Homes is too small. The lack of regard to important details such as these demonstrates a total disconnect by the developers and a lack of care/interest by the Council planners.

    Planners; please start listening to the people who live here and have to use the already stretched infrastructure. We are one of the fastest growing towns in the country. Why not take this opportunity to show how new housing can work, rather than following the trend of ruining quality of life for people who have chosen to make an area their home.

    • Hello and thank you for posting your comment on Myland Council’s website. I have read your posting with interest and can assure you that this Council is opposed to this application and have already made comprehensive comments to Colchester Planning Committee. I will also pass a copy to our Planning & Highways Committee for their information.

  2. Why has building the Power Centre started behind the Toyota Showroom on Axial Way when Planning application 190665 hasn’t been passed yet?

    • Hi Adam what you are seeing behind the Toyota Garage is the drilling rig for the water based heat system. It is only ascertaining water levels and is not connected with building work. There will be another such test on the Rugby pitch later. Hope that answers your question.

  3. Can you please inform me how many members of the Community Council have been elected by a ballot as opposed to being co-opted onto the Council.


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